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Remote teams with flexible work conditions

At Kamel, you can hire full-time, remote teams with flexible work conditions. Whilst many Filipinos are happy to work full-time in our offices, some prefer more flexible arrangements. This is why we offer hybrid work conditions allowing staff to work from home a few days a week.

Hybrid office-based and home-based

Hybrid staff is a model that’s gaining a lot of traction in the Philippines simply because it works! Hybrid staff works well for a variety of roles that can be performed remotely on a full-time basis. If a professional in the Philippines can perform a job for your company whilst working from home on a full-time basis, then this hybrid model will be suitable. This model also benefits your organisation because you pay less salary to your offshore team (because they work from home on a part-time basis) and you save money paying for the use of our facilities.

Features of Hybrid staff

This flexible, hybrid model is suitable for offshore staff who don’t need to travel into the office more than 10 times each month. So it’s ideal for small or large offshore teams.

  1. Splits time between home and our modern office facilities
  2. Ideal for small and large teams (less than 10 days per month at the office)
  3. Popular with many Filipinos who want to reduce travel to the office
  4. Shared co-working desks amongst team members
  5. Access to meeting rooms and conference rooms
  6. Access to all office facilities

Recruit staff with flexible working conditions in the Philippines

Your decision to recruit full-time, remote teams with flexible work conditions gives you access to a greater pool of talented professionals who prefer this type of working arrangement. You still retain complete control of your staff, even when they work at home, whilst we manage all their day-to-day HR needs. Our staff performance software allows you to monitor their productivity and performance whether they’re at the office or working at home. You can check on their activity levels and timesheets and even track the time their screens are idle.

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