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20 Key Reasons to Choose Kamel

For Unmatched Offshore Staffing Excellence in the Philippines

Our Exceptional Recruitment Approach Uncovers Elite Talent

By targeting passive candidates, we are able to provide top-tier offshore staffing, selecting from the upper echelon of talent - the top 5%. Our proficiency in offshore staffing services not only identifies these high-caliber professionals but also ensures their long-term retention in your organization.

  • KamelBPO brings the kind of experience, skills, and trustworthiness that comes from providing offshore staffing solutions to hundreds of companies worldwide for over 10 years.

  • KamelBPO has seen remarkable growth over the past decade and is constantly expanding to better serve our clients. Presently, we have a team of over 100 offshore staff in the Philippines, with an aim to grow to 500 in the next two years.

  • We uphold our clients' trust through our certification in International Regulatory Quality Management Systems (ISO 2700). This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to consistently deliver services that not only meet but exceed our clients' high standards, emphasizing our dedication to their requirements.

  • KamelBPO follows the International Information Security Management System standards (ISO 27001). This means we really focus on keeping your data safe and work hard to protect it.

  • When you hire offshore staff in the Philippines with Outsourced, you can save up to 75% of the costs compared to hiring locally. Outsourcing to the Philippines is an extremely cost-efficient strategy to grow and expand your business.

  • When you choose KamelBPO for your offshore staffing needs, your team works at our top-notch facilities in the Philippines. We provide them with the latest equipment, large desks, relaxing lounges, and free coffee to keep everyone focused and efficient.

  • In the Philippines, KamelBPO's support team includes more than 20 professionals. They specialize in various areas like Operations and Client Services, Payroll and Finance, IT Management, Recruitment, Human Resource Management, and Legal and Office Administration.

  • Choosing KamelBPO for your offshore staffing in the Philippines means you get access to the top 5% of candidates. These individuals are not just skilled, but also align well with your organization's culture and character, ensuring a perfect fit for your team.

  • KamelBPO takes pride in maintaining a staff retention rate of over 98%. This exceptional figure, much higher than industry norms, is largely a result of the favorable working conditions we offer to all our team members. KamelBPO is recognized as a "Great Place to Work" Certified company.

  • KamelBPO offers a variety of fully personalized outsourcing solutions, meticulously crafted to align with your specific needs. These tailored services are designed to facilitate the growth and expansion of your business, helping you achieve your objectives efficiently.

  • Our approach ensures total transparency regarding the salaries expected by your offshore staff, along with KamelBPO's minimal service fee. This openness in pricing is a key factor in our success as a top provider of offshore staffing in the Philippines.

  • At KamelBPO, we ensure that your offshore staff in the Philippines receive not only a remarkable working environment but also fair salaries and complimentary health insurance, among other benefits. These exemplary working conditions guarantee that your team performs optimally and stays committed to achieving your company's objectives.

  • Employee happiness, retention, and productivity are known to improve when mental health and well-being are prioritized. Therefore, KamelBPO organizes monthly team events to ensure your offshore staff feel appreciated and motivated. Our commitment to creating a positive work environment has earned us the "Great Place to Work" certification.

  • At KamelBPO, each client is assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager from our support team. This individual serves as your primary point of contact, offering assistance with everything from performance management to team expansion.

  • Our philosophy at KamelBPO is that clients should choose to work with us by desire, not obligation. As such, we avoid long-term lock-in contracts, offering you the freedom to cancel your agreement with just 30 days' notice.

  • KamelBPO handles all legal documentation, ensuring you don't have to concern yourself with HR or compliance matters. Your offshore staff are employed directly by KamelBPO and are fully protected under Philippines Employment Law, managed through our organization.

  • You'll have direct access to your offshore staff in the Philippines, with the autonomy to set their working standards, systems, and processes. Enjoy complete visibility and control over your dedicated team, while we handle the day-to-day management, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

  • With KamelBPO, scaling your organization becomes a swift, straightforward, and cost-effective process. Our support staff are dedicated to helping you assemble a team of the top 5% of highly talented professionals in the Philippines, ensuring rapid and seamless growth.

  • Your offshore staff will work during the hours you set, functioning as an integral extension of your local team, albeit remotely. You have the freedom to choose the candidates for your team, and they will report to you daily, mirroring the experience of local hiring.

  • KamelBPO and our team members are committed to giving back to the community in the Philippines. We achieve this through KamelBPO's "Pay it Forward" Program, which focuses on "Sharing, Equipping, and Inspiring" local communities via a variety of charity outreach activities.

KamelBPO Service Categories

Explore an extensive range of roles that KamelBPO can seamlessly recruit for you in the Philippines. Here's a curated selection of the most sought-after roles across various industries, highly favored by our clients.