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Advantages of Offshoring Staff & Teams in the Philippines with Kamel

As a premier provider of staff outsourcing in the Philippines, Kamel offers significant benefits. In the current unpredictable economic climate, where business owners strive to enhance efficiency, optimize processes, and control costs, the benefits of offshore outsourcing with Kamel become especially pertinent.

What does offshore outsourcing entail?

Offshore outsourcing involves the relocation of one or more of your business processes to a third-party company located overseas. You can opt to delegate individual tasks or entire processes to the Philippines, while also having the option to hire either a single professional or an entire team. Kamel specializes in the recruitment, onboarding, management, and retention of top-performing offshore employees and teams for businesses situated in the USA, Australia, UK, and across the globe.

5 Advantages of Offshore Outsourcing for Your Company

This business model offers numerous advantages, regardless of whether your company is a startup or a multinational corporation. Below are five key benefits of offshore outsourcing.


Keeping Employees Happy and Engaged

Our clients have achieved an exceptional staff retention rate of over 98% by fostering a supportive, equitable, and upbeat work environment. With competitive salaries, attractive benefits, recognition programs, and flexible work arrangements, your new employees in the Philippines experience excellent working conditions. Significantly lowering employee turnover is a significant advantage of offshoring, especially when there's a global shortage of skilled professionals.


Comprehensive Offshore Outsourcing Services

We take care of the complete recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes for your company. You provide us with your criteria, and then you choose the best candidate from a pre-screened list. Your remote employee works from our Philippines office, and we handle all their work-related requirements. This includes:

  • HR and payroll
  • IT and infrastructure
  • Training and skill development
  • Performance assessment and career growth opportunities
Moreover, we handle all the essential legal employment compliance tasks associated with hiring in the Philippines.


Access to a Vast Pool of Skilled Professionals

Another notable advantage of outsourcing staff to the Philippines is the convenience of finding highly qualified and experienced professionals who are eager to work for your company on a full-time basis. Given the challenges of locally sourcing certain positions, offshoring not only streamlines the recruitment process but also provides you with access to a broad network of talented professionals located overseas.


Complete Oversight of Your Offshore Team

Through our management software, you can closely monitor the performance and real-time progress of your offshore team. You maintain direct control over their work, with the ability to reach out to them anytime during their workday through email, video calls, or smartphones.


No lock-in contracts and no hidden costs

Another advantage of offshoring with Kamel is that all our costs are transparent and straightforward and there are no lock-in contracts. With no hidden fees and the ability to commence and terminate contracts at any time, you can safely scale your operations and grow your business.

KamelBPO Service Categories

Explore an extensive range of roles that KamelBPO can seamlessly recruit for you in the Philippines. Here's a curated selection of the most sought-after roles across various industries, highly favored by our clients.