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Building Offshore and Remote Teams in the Philippines

Kamel offers you the opportunity to hire dedicated full-time offshore staff who can work remotely from home, in a hybrid setup, or in a traditional office setting in the Philippines.

4 simple steps to your dedicated Outsourced staff

With Kamel you can hire dedicated full time offshore staff who are remote Home-Based, Hybrid or Office-Based in the Philippines.

You provide us with a job description

Just tell us what you need

We recruit talented professionals

Only the best. Quality assured

Your dedicated staff report to you daily

Full time remote or office-based

We manage the operations

And ensure quality standards

See how it works

Scale Your Organization Swiftly, Effortlessly, and Economically with Kamel Kamel empowers you to expand your organization rapidly and seamlessly by providing dedicated full-time premium offshore staff at a cost-effective rate.

Full Service

We Offer Managed Operations

We handle everything for you, including facilities, amenities, equipment, high-speed internet, and IT support when you choose office-based staff. This allows you to concentrate solely on team management, leaving the rest to us. Our services encompass:

  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Labor Compliance
  • Staff retention
  • Performance management
Consider us an extension of your team in the Philippines. With Kamel, you have a dedicated offshoring partner who possesses specialized knowledge of the local culture and labor regulations, ensuring your offshore staffing endeavors are a resounding success.

Scale Quickly

Dedicated Offshore Team

Our offshore staff operates during your business hours, seamlessly integrating as a remote extension of your local team. We offer a pool of highly skilled candidates, allowing you to handpick the members of your team, much like the local hiring process. You maintain direct communication with your staff through various channels like phone, Skype, or email, establishing the work standards, systems, and processes they should adhere to. Rest assured, you have complete transparency and authority over your dedicated offshore team, all while entrusting the operational management to us.

Track Performance

Transparent productivity and performance

With the Kamel staff performance monitoring software you can see work in progress as it happens. The Kamel Support team will also work closely with you to ensure your offshore staff are being highly productive, high performing and delivering to exceed your expectations.

  1. Optional screenshots
  2. Idle timeout tracking
  3. Productivity monitoring
  4. Team scheduling
  5. Online timesheets

Staff Salary

  • Employee compensation
  • Benefits
  • Government fees
  • Health insurance

Recruitment / HR

  • Sourcing
  • HR
  • Retention
  • Performance


  • Dedicated workstations
  • Office space
  • Amenities


  • ISO Quality
  • Payroll
  • Client services
  • Finance
  • Legal


  • Equipment
  • Network
  • Fast internet
  • ISO Support

Monthly Fee

  • Simple transparent fixed monthly rate

KamelBPO Service Categories

Explore an extensive range of roles that KamelBPO can seamlessly recruit for you in the Philippines. Here's a curated selection of the most sought-after roles across various industries, highly favored by our clients.