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Your Dedicated Team in the Philippines

KamelBPO is a distinguished ISO-certified offshore staffing firm, offering access to the top 5% of Filipino talent for global businesses.

Canadian founder & CEO

Founder, CEO & Director Kurt Allen applies his 20 years of entrepreneurial excellence to KamelBPO, aiming to offer superior offshore staffing solutions and services to enhance your business. His leadership is dedicated to the continued growth and success of all our clients. Established in 2012 to complement his Australian-based, multi-award-winning digital agency, KamelBPO initially provided offshore staffing in the Philippines to execute projects for some of the world's most renowned organizations and brands. This early achievement and unwavering dedication to excellence have propelled KamelBPO to its current status as a globally recognized leader in offshore staffing solutions from the Philippines.


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Philippines Offshore Staff Outsourcing

KamelBPO stands at the forefront of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the Philippines, offering dedicated full-time remote staff and offshore office staffing solutions to international businesses of various scales. Our expertise lies in sourcing offshore staff of the highest caliber, consistently surpassing your expectations. We offer a range of staffing solutions, including remote home-based setups and advanced, well-equipped office-based options. We have invested significantly to ensure that your offshore team is not only comfortable but also equipped to perform their tasks with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.

Exceptional Recruitment Outsourcing Services

At KamelBPO, unparalleled recruitment excellence is at the core of our operations. Our passion for top-tier recruitment is the driving force behind our success in offshore staffing. Our distinctive approach to recruitment has been crucial in establishing us as a premier provider of Staff Outsourcing in the Philippines. Entrust your Recruitment Process Outsourcing needs to KamelBPO for unmatched quality and expertise.

Exceptional Talent (Top 5%)

Understanding the critical role your remote staff plays in your business's operations and success, KamelBPO is committed to providing only the top 5% of candidates. These individuals are selected for their exceptional skill levels, cultural compatibility, and outstanding character, all vital to your organization's needs. Our strategy of targeting passive candidates enables us to consistently deliver offshore staffing resources that represent the top 5% in talent.

Enhanced Recruitment Process

KamelBPO's advanced recruitment process encompasses every stage, beginning with the client's request, through job creation, candidate search, attraction and promotion, to applicant assessment, interviewing, and candidate selection. This comprehensive approach extends beyond the job offer to include ongoing staff retention strategies, ensuring a seamless and effective recruitment journey.

90+ Member Robust Support Team

KamelBPO's Philippine Support Team boasts over 90 professionals, spanning various departments such as Operations and Client Services, Payroll and Finance, IT Management, Recruitment, Human Resource Management, Legal, and Office Administration. This comprehensive team is dedicated to ensuring that your staff work efficiently and meet both your performance expectations and our ISO-certified quality standards.


98%+ Offshore Staff Retention Rate

KamelBPO is dedicated to not only providing you with outstanding offshore staff but also ensuring their long-term commitment. We take pride in maintaining a staff retention rate of over 98%, attributed to our exceptionally low attrition rates. Beyond offering a superb working environment, fair salaries, and health benefits, we also host regular team events to keep our remote staff content and acknowledge their hard work. By focusing on mental health and well-being, and balancing work with play, we see a significant boost in employee happiness, retention, and productivity.

Advanced Technological Infrastructure

KamelBPO's state-of-the-art, ISO-certified offices are not only equipped with advanced technology but also fortified with multiple backup power systems to guarantee uninterrupted operations around the clock. To ensure the highest level of connectivity, we have established multiple internet lines, including premium, dedicated services via Fibre Optic facilities and a fully redundant Gigabit Ethernet Network, further strengthened with secondary failover options. This robust infrastructure underscores our commitment to reliability and continuous productivity.

Quality workstations

All office-based staff receive spacious desks, comfortable chairs, the state-of-the-art equipment, dual screen monitors, fast internet and leading ISO certified IT Support.

Modern facilities

Our large open-plan offices include chill-out lounges, meeting rooms, kitchen, eating area, conference rooms, and free coffee to keep everyone alert and productive.

Enhanced Information Security Management Systems with ISO Certification

CCTV and biometric access

Disk Encryption, Firewall and Cybersecurity software

Fibre Optic Facilities and Gigabit Ethernet Network

Expandable, upgradable and customized network and security configurations and polices

Logical & physical security protocols applied across all locations

Site to site IPSec VPN encrypted connections

V-LAN segregation of clients, security protocols and redundancy layers

Community Engagement

Commitment to Quality

KamelBPO has proven its adherence to international regulatory quality standards, effectively implementing Quality Management systems that significantly benefit our clients. Our dedication to these standards involves regular process audits, management review meetings, and a suite of additional measures. These include customer satisfaction surveys, comprehensive staff training, meticulous supplier evaluations, and thorough staff assessments, all contributing to our overarching commitment to excellence.

KamelBPO Service Categories

Explore an extensive range of roles that KamelBPO can seamlessly recruit for you in the Philippines. Here's a curated selection of the most sought-after roles across various industries, highly favored by our clients.