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Quality Dedicated Remote Real Estate Staffing

Specialized Remote Teams for the Real Estate Industry

Comprehensive Offshore Real Estate Support Staffing

For businesses in the real estate sector, including real estate agencies, property developers, real estate software providers, or marketing firms specializing in real estate, offshoring staff to the Philippines presents an excellent opportunity to scale, save, and enhance service delivery. Embracing Philippines Real Estate Outsourcing can significantly benefit your business.

Philippines Real Estate Outsourcing Services

For Real Estate Businesses, we offer staffing solutions like property management administrators, sales administrators, real estate accountants, marketing coordinators, transaction coordinators, and real estate virtual assistants.
For those in Property Development, we can provide a range of support staff including Drafting/compliance administrators, construction administrators, contract/sales coordinators, production estimators, and interior design administrators.

In the realm of Real Estate Marketing, our offerings include multimedia specialists, videographers, graphic designers, architectural illustrators, customer service representatives, and website developers.

Whether your requirement is for remote home-based staff or a comprehensive team of office-based real estate specialists, Kamel is equipped to meet your needs.

Contact us to explore how our real estate outsourcing support services in the Philippines can transform your business operations.

We Have Experience Hiring Real Estate Staff In Roles Such As:

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