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Quality Dedicated Remote Mining Staffing

Specialized Remote Teams for the Mining Industry

Comprehensive Offshore Mining Industry Staffing

The mining sector extends beyond just on-site operations, with many office-based roles perfectly suited for offshore staffing in the Philippines. Kamel specializes in providing offshore staffing solutions for the global mining industry.
We offer a variety of roles that can be effectively managed offshore, including IT Services, Project Managers, Contract Officers, Procurement Officers, and Data Analysts. Kamel is equipped to meet your mining services outsourcing needs.

Whether you’re looking for a remote home-based geologist or an office-based security analyst, Kamel has you covered. Our expertise also spans recruiting marketing managers, inventory controllers, and other specialist mining support staff in the Philippines.

Establishing Outsourced Mining Industry Support Teams

Creating outsourced mining industry support teams is an increasingly popular strategy. Many roles within the mining sector can be efficiently performed remotely, provided the team is well-integrated with your on-site staff.
These support teams can include IT professionals, project managers, procurement officers, and marketing managers. Setting up such teams can lead to cost reduction, enhanced productivity, and improved efficiencies.

Kamel has access to a vast database of skilled professionals. We handle all recruitment and onboarding processes, allowing you to simply choose your new team from a pool of qualified candidates. They will work from our advanced facilities in the Philippines, with all the necessary infrastructure and resources to perform their roles effectively.

Utilizing high-speed internet and state-of-the-art technology, your offshore mining industry support teams can work seamlessly with your in-house teams. This model is already benefiting many multinational mining companies and is recognized as a viable, advantageous strategy.

Advantages of Remote Teams in the Mining Industry

Employing remote teams in the mining industry offers significant benefits. Firstly, it eliminates the need for extensive and costly recruitment drives to find highly qualified professionals. We manage all aspects of hiring and onboarding for your offshore mining support teams, including HR, payroll, leave management, taxes, and legal paperwork for overseas employment.
Offshore teams provide access to a large network of dedicated professionals, with a retention rate exceeding 95%. These teams are not only loyal and hard-working, but they also represent a cost-saving opportunity, as salaries in the Philippines are generally lower than in many other countries.

Remote teams in the mining industry also offer the flexibility to create specialized teams for particular tasks or projects, optimizing time and resources while boosting productivity and efficiency. This strategic approach provides a substantial competitive advantage.

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