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Quality Dedicated Remote Site Estimator Staffing

Hire Remote Site Estimators for Your Business in the Philippines

Estimators, crucial in various industries such as construction, development projects, and manufacturing, play a pivotal role in ensuring projects are cost-effective, timely, and within budget. Their expertise is particularly valuable during the tendering process, where they can significantly influence the success of bids.

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Role and Tasks of Remote Site Estimators

Remote site estimators undertake a range of critical tasks, including:

  • Determining the precise nature and requirements of projects.
  • Researching material, equipment, and labor costs.
  • Obtaining quotes from subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Calculating necessary workforce for projects.
  • Assessing prices and exchange rates.
  • Preparing and submitting quotes.
  • Assisting in the bidding process for new contracts.
  • Monitoring project stages to keep costs within budget.

For those in the construction industry, they may also perform site surveys, while in manufacturing, they might collaborate with designers and engineers. Understanding blueprints, design drawings, and proficiency in relevant software is essential.
A full-time offshore estimator becomes an integral part of your project planning and tendering process. They work effectively both independently and in collaboration with designers, construction managers, and planners, offering deep industry knowledge.

Why Outsource Estimator Roles with Kamel?

Outsourcing estimator roles is a cost-effective strategy many companies are adopting. Kamel specializes in providing qualified, experienced remote estimators to a wide range of industries in the Philippines. We handle the entire recruitment and onboarding process, saving you time and resources.
You provide us with your criteria, and we present a curated shortlist of candidates. Once you select your preferred estimator, we manage their onboarding, further reducing your workload.

This approach is popular among businesses in the Philippines, offering flexibility to choose between home-based or office-based estimators. Kamel ensures that all necessary resources and infrastructure are provided for them to effectively fulfill their role in your company.

For more information on hiring a remote estimator for your business or organization in the Philippines, contact Kamel today.

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