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Quality Dedicated Remote Healthcare Staffing

Remote Teams For The Healthcare & Medical Industry

Quality Dedicated Remote Healthcare & Medical Support Staffing

Healthcare Services outsourcing covers various remote staffing roles such as Medical Billers and Clinical Data Coordinators. There are various medical and clinical roles that can be completed offshore in the Philippines. Offshoring healthcare services is a booming industry and Kamel are the remote healthcare staffing partner of choice for organisations around the world.

Kamel has experience hiring staff in the medical back-office roles such as Medical Coder, Medical Billing Specialist, Medical Science Liaison and Medical Transcriptionist. We can hire for ant healthcare role that can be performed remotely.

If you are looking to hire offshore a Clinical Data Coordinator, Clinical Research Coordinator or Clinical Project Manager then Kamel can assist to build your healthcare specialists team in the Philippines.

Whether you need a home-based remove QA Specialist or Administrative Assistant or a dedicated office-based Case Manager or Telemedicine Physician, look no further than Kamel.

Building Outsourced Healthcare & Medical Support Teams

Building outsourced healthcare & medical support teams provides your business with the opportunity to expand and grow your business, whilst saving money and accessing a pool of talented professionals in the Philippines. As the leading provider of outsourced healthcare & medical support teams to thousands of companies around the world, we build you a specialist team that perfectly suits your needs.

We manage all the recruitment, hiring and onboarding processes for your remote-based healthcare & medical support teams. All you need to do is provide us with your list of requirements and select your team from a shortlist of highly suitable candidates. At a time when sourcing experienced professionals and retaining their services is at an all-time low, it’s a pleasure to know that you can swiftly build outsourced healthcare & medical support teams at a minimal cost.

We also help you save money by providing all the resources and infrastructure needed by your healthcare & medical support teams in the Philippines. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide high-tech computers, super-fast Internet, individual workstations and meeting rooms for your team. We also manage all the HR, payroll, annual leave, sick leave and taxes for your outsourced healthcare & medical support teams, as well as all the legal paperwork required when hiring staff overseas.

Benefits of Remote Teams In The Healthcare & Medical Industry

The numerous benefits of remote teams in the healthcare & medical industry help your company optimise your systems, increase your patient base and maximise your revenue. With access to an extensive pool of talented professionals in the Philippines, you can select the best professionals for your healthcare & medical teams.

Access to experienced and highly qualified staff gives you a significant edge over the competition, ensuring you increase your market share swiftly. Whether you want a medical coder or transcriptionist, clinical project manager or data coordinator, telemedicine physician or medical billing specialist on your team, you’ll quickly realise the benefits of offshore teams in the healthcare & medical industry.

Added flexibility, increased efficiency and the ability to fast-track projects, safely manage clinical research projects or optimise billing for your practice are all within reach. That’s because hiring remote teams in the healthcare & medical industry helps you achieve all these objectives.

When you combine the benefits of cost-efficiency, increased flexibility and streamlined systems, you instantly recognise how the benefits of remote teams in the healthcare & medical industry can help your practice grow and expand.

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