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Remote home-based staff

In the Philippines many highly qualified professionals live outside the major cities. To maximize the pool of talented professionals we offer a remote home-based staffing model to all the organisations that partner with Kamel within the Philippines. It’s a model that’s extremely popular with Filipinos and overseas companies who hire offshore staff.

Recruit home-based staff across the Philippines

Remote home-based staff is a model suitable for hiring either a single offshore employee or for companies looking to build small teams. When you include Manilla, Clark and Cebu in your selection criteria, and allow your offshore staff to work from home, you greatly increase the pool of talented professionals that are available in the Philippines.

  1. Full-time remote home-based staff
  2. Suitable for individual staff and teams of up to 10 people
  3. Our most cost-effective offshore model.
  4. Greater work/life balance for Filipinos.
  5. Home-based staff typically accept lower salaries

Full HR & payroll support for your home-based staff

Regardless of where your offshore staff work, whether in our modern office facilities, or as remote home-based staff, we still manage all their HR and payroll needs:

  1. Mandatory taxes
  2. Social security contributions
  3. Health insurance
  4. Obligatory payments to the Philippine Home Development Mutual Fund
  5. Employment contract complies with Philippine employment laws.
We make managing your remote home-based staff an amazingly easy process, just like they were in your own office.

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