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Quality Dedicated Remote Financial & Insurance Staffing

Expert Offshore Teams for the Finance & Insurance Industry

Specialized Remote Finance & Insurance Staffing Solutions

The Finance and Insurance Services industry is diverse, encompassing sectors such as banking, insurance, superannuation funds, and financial brokering services. Kamel excels in providing offshore staffing and outsourcing within this industry, offering a range of remote staff from the Philippines to global companies.
We specialize in placing professionals in banking and finance roles like accountants, bookkeepers, financial analysts, financial advisors, payroll processors, and debt collectors. Kamel is adept at meeting all your remote staffing needs, from home-based accounts receivable/payable staff to office-based accounts supervisors or payroll specialists.

In the realm of loans and mortgage outsourcing, we provide offshoring specialists for roles such as mortgage processors, brokers, and loans processors. Additionally, Kamel offers skilled staff in insurance and superannuation roles like claims analysts, insurance brokers, underwriters, collections specialists, administrative support, data entry, and claims processors in the Philippines.

Efficient Setup of Outsourced Finance & Insurance Support Teams

Creating outsourced finance and insurance support teams through Kamel offers a strategic opportunity to reduce costs and broaden your services. We handle recruitment, hiring, and onboarding, significantly saving you time and resources.
With our access to a vast pool of qualified and experienced professionals in the Philippines, you simply choose your team from a shortlist of top candidates. Tailor your remote-based finance and insurance support teams to meet your specific objectives, whether it’s expanding services, entering new markets, or enhancing efficiency.

Outsourcing finance and insurance support teams with Kamel includes benefits like state-of-the-art facilities in the Philippines, equipped with fast internet, high-tech computers, and individual workstations. We also manage HR, payroll, sick leave, annual leave, and legalities of overseas employment, making it a smart strategy for growing and advancing your company.

Advantages of Remote Teams in the Finance & Insurance Sector

Remote teams in the finance and insurance industry enable swift adaptation to market changes. With remote-based finance and insurance experts, you can offer timely advice, optimize loan processing, or enhance debt collection services.
Whether your need is for accountants, bookkeepers, payroll specialists, insurance brokers, financial analysts, or data entry experts, Kamel provides access to a talented pool of finance and insurance professionals in the Philippines.

Offshore teams reduce recruitment and onboarding costs significantly. Additionally, we supply all necessary infrastructure and resources for your finance and insurance teams. These teams are fully dedicated to your business, offering loyalty and a high retention rate, allowing you to focus on customer service, market expansion, and revenue growth.

Contact Kamel today to learn more about how our outsourcing services for Financial and Insurance Services in the Philippines can benefit your organization.

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