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Healthcare Advisors

Quality Dedicated Remote Healthcare Advisors Staffing

Outsourced healthcare advisors serve as vital support for patients by facilitating access to medical specialists and professionals while offering guidance and information on various health-related topics. They operate across diverse healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, charitable organizations, community health centers, private practices, and government agencies.

Additionally, healthcare advisors may extend their services to manufacturing companies producing medications or medical devices. In such roles, they provide guidance to customers on product usage, discuss potential side effects, and offer related advice. These remote-based healthcare advisors cater to individuals of all age groups, from adults and children to teenagers and seniors, playing a crucial role in helping patients navigate the complex healthcare landscape.

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Responsibilities of Outsourced Healthcare Advisors

Outsourced healthcare advisors frequently provide general advice and educational resources on lifestyle choices, diet, mental health, exercise, and other factors impacting an individual’s well-being. They also offer guidance on specific diseases or conditions, such as post-stroke or post-heart attack care, diabetes management, or heart disease control. Additionally, they provide information about available health services within the patient’s community.
Their duties encompass tasks such as scheduling appointments with physicians or healthcare providers, disseminating information about treatment options (including risks, benefits, and financial aspects), and maintaining accurate records of all advice provided to patients or customers.

Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Offering advice and educational resources on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Maintaining meticulous records of advice provided to patients or customers.
  • Providing guidance on specific diseases or conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease.
  • Ensuring patients are aware of available local health services.
  • Scheduling appointments with doctors or other healthcare providers.
  • Directing patients to the most suitable healthcare professionals.
  • Discussing treatment options, including risks and benefits.

Skills and Qualifications

Kamel’s healthcare advisors often hold the designation of registered nurses and may possess additional qualifications in Health Education, Health Promotion, or Health Administration. They bring a unique set of skills, including compassion and a strong desire to assist people in need. These professionals demonstrate proficiency in simplifying medical terminology for easy comprehension and possess excellent written, oral, and listening skills. Their ability to work both independently and collaboratively with other healthcare professionals is a crucial asset.
Additionally, they exhibit compassion and understanding, along with strong organizational, time management, and problem-solving skills. Maintaining accurate records and managing databases are also part of their skill set.

Outsourcing to the Philippines

As the leading provider of outsourced healthcare advisors in the Philippines, Kamel handles all aspects of the recruitment process for your organization. Leveraging an extensive network of fully qualified and experienced professionals in the Philippines, we present you with a curated list of candidates who align with your specific criteria.
Upon your selection, we manage the onboarding processes, including HR, payroll, health insurance, annual leave, and sick leave. Our comprehensive support also extends to providing essential infrastructure, such as computer access, high-speed internet, and IT assistance. Your dedicated remote-based healthcare advisors work full-time at our state-of-the-art facility in Manila.

You maintain direct contact with your healthcare advisors via various communication channels, including Skype, Zoom, chat, email, or phone.

For in-depth insights into hiring Outsourced Healthcare Advisors in the Philippines to enhance your business operations, please feel free to reach out to Kamel today.

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