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As a premier provider of outsourcing services in the Philippines, we offer unique educational outsourcing services. Our team, including Educational Technologists, brings niche expertise, having developed specialized technology and learning management systems for top universities in Australia.
We’re committed to providing comprehensive outsourcing services, including Academic Markers, to free up your time for essential tasks like lesson plan development. Educational outsourcing offers significant benefits, and we’re here to assist you in exploring these opportunities.

Creating Kamel Education Support Teams in the Philippines

Establishing outsourced education support teams in the Philippines is an increasingly popular strategy for educational institutions, including universities, technical colleges, and online education providers. It offers a competitive edge and essential support for students.
Recruiting qualified educational support staff can be challenging. By building an offshore team, you alleviate these difficulties as we manage the entire process of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding.

We tailor your team based on your specific needs and provide you with a shortlist of the best candidates. Our state-of-the-art facilities in the Philippines are equipped with high-speed internet, advanced computing resources, and essential office infrastructure.

Additionally, we handle all HR-related tasks, including payroll, leave management, and tax compliance, simplifying the administrative burden and allowing you to focus on educational excellence.

Advantages of Offshore Education Staff

Offshoring education staff to the Philippines offers several benefits. It enables institutions to enhance their online course offerings, provide additional tutoring, and reduce the marking workload of current staff. This approach not only improves educational delivery but also allows for the development of new courses and updating existing ones.
Whether your needs include educational technologists, LMS administrators, academic markers, teaching assistants, or online tutors, offshoring presents a cost-effective solution. You gain access to skilled professionals without the hassle of managing HR and administrative responsibilities.

With a high retention rate, our services have proven effective for various educational institutions. Outsourcing to the Philippines is a strategic choice for enhancing your educational offerings and increasing market share.

Contact us to begin hiring dedicated, talented remote education staff in the Philippines and take advantage of the benefits of educational outsourcing.

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