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Educational Technologist

Quality Dedicated Remote Educational Technologist Staffing

In the Philippines, educational technologists are experts at leveraging technology to enhance both teaching and learning experiences. They collaborate with educators, school leaders, and students to create and implement tech-driven educational solutions tailored to the learning community’s needs. Moreover, educational technologists in the Philippines often engage in research to explore the effectiveness of technology integration in educational settings.

For organizations seeking to onboard a remote Educational Technologist or Education Technology Specialist in the Philippines, Kamel stands ready to assist. Our track record includes partnerships with esteemed educational institutions, such as The University of Melbourne and Aspen University.

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A primary responsibility of an educational technologist in the Philippines might include devising a compelling narrative for technology-enhanced learning experiences. They are tasked with formulating a clear, engaging storyline that outlines the learning goals, content, and interactive activities, making the educational journey accessible and captivating for learners.
Your Educational Technologist based in the Philippines will possess critical competencies for designing and executing tech-based learning experiences, including proficiency with various Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Canvas LMS, Blackboard Learn, Moodle, Sakai, along with foundational graphic design skills.

Education Technology Specialists, also known as Instructional Technology Specialists, are dedicated to utilizing technology to foster educational advancements. They collaborate closely with educational stakeholders to develop and apply technology solutions in learning environments. Additionally, these specialists often conduct scholarly research on technology’s role and impact within education.

Kamel has a proven history of recruiting Education Technology Specialists who demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of educational technologies, alongside strong communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and leadership abilities. They are adept at identifying and appraising educational technologies, crafting technology-based learning experiences, supporting educators with technology adoption, and investigating technological applications in educational contexts.

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