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Quality Dedicated Remote Administrative & Support Staffing

Expert Offshore Teams for Administrative & Support Services

Exceptional Remote Administrative Support Staffing Solutions

Encompassing a range of services like office administration, debt collection, call centers, and travel agencies, Kamel specializes in providing offshore outsourcing for Administrative & Support Services in the Philippines.

Effortless Creation of Kamel Administrative Support Teams

Forming your Kamel administrative support team is a streamlined process. We handle every aspect – from recruitment and interviews to hiring and onboarding your outsourced administrative support staff. Our facilities in Manila are equipped with advanced infrastructure, providing your team with everything they need to excel in their roles.
We take care of HR, sickness benefits, annual leave, and the legalities of hiring international staff. Our facilities encourage team-building and maintain an open-door policy. We’re proud of our high retention rates, with over 95% of employees staying long-term.

Leveraging our expertise in building Kamel administrative support teams, we match you with the right professionals from our network in the Philippines, tailored to your business requirements.

Your admin team can be managed by an in-house supervisor or an outsourced one from the Philippines. You define your team’s structure, and we’ll assemble the ideal staff to make it a reality.

Advantages of Remote Teams in the Administrative Support Sector

Remote teams in the administrative support industry bring numerous benefits, specific to your needs—be it customer support, HR, data analysis, personal assistants, recruiters, or appointment setters.
Generally, these teams offer cost reductions and heightened productivity. Recruitment, hiring, onboarding, and training costs are significantly lower, and operational expenses are reduced. Remote teams provide flexibility, allowing for quick adaptation to market changes and broader market reach. The time zone differences can also be advantageous for 24/7 customer support.

Additionally, with offshore teams, you avoid the extra costs of resources and infrastructure, as these are covered by us. Accessing top talent in the Philippines, you gain a competitive edge by partnering with a leader in remote administrative support services.

Engage Full-Time Offshore Administrative and Support Staff with Kamel

Kamel is your go-to for hiring remote home-based administrative assistants, personal assistants, or office-based offshore HR specialists and recruiters. We offer dedicated full-time remote staff for international clients seeking to establish a high-quality team in the Philippines.
For outsourcing document control, reports analysis, or hiring dedicated offshore data specialists—such as data encoders, data entry professionals, data scientists, analysts, and researchers—Kamel is the expert in Philippine offshoring.

Need offshore contact center services in the Philippines? We provide customer service representatives, order processors, fulfilment specialists, and appointment setters. Contact us to realize savings of over 75% compared to local hiring.

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