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Executive Assistance

Quality Dedicated Remote Executive Assistance Staffing

As an executive, your time is invaluable. However, with the growth of your business, you might find your email inundated with meeting requests and report submissions. These are crucial for your business, but managing them single-handedly can be overwhelming. This is where an Executive Assistant (EA) in the Philippines can make a significant difference, adeptly handling everything from managing your personal schedule to organizing executive meetings.

Kamel is well-versed in recruiting remote dedicated executive assistants for professionals and companies globally. Our approach to remote executive assistant outsourcing is both scalable and cost-effective. Whether you require a part-time home-based EA or a full team of full-time executive assistants operating from our advanced offices in Manila, Kamel stands as your go-to partner for executive assistant outsourcing.

Employ Dedicated Offshore Executive Assistants and Save Up to 75% Compared to Local Hiring

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Executive Assistant Outsourcing Services

A remote executive assistant can significantly enhance your high-level administrative support by handling phone calls, organizing your schedule, and reviewing incoming reports on your behalf. This service frees up your time to focus on other critical tasks.
Our experience in hiring encompasses a wide range of remote assistant roles, including:

  • Executive Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Executive Assistant Support Officer
  • Administration & Personal Assistant
  • Executive Officer
  • Executive Team Assistant
  • Virtual Legal Assistant

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