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Quality Dedicated Remote I.T. Staffing

Specialized Remote Teams for the Information Technology (IT) Industry

Exceptional Offshore IT Support and Development Staffing

The IT industry is thriving with outsourcing opportunities to the Philippines, known for its robust system and network support, and software development capabilities. Kamel is at the forefront of IT offshoring, boasting over a decade of experience in recruiting professional remote IT staff for global companies.
Looking for hardware, systems, or networking professionals? Kamel can source a remote IT Network Administrator, IT Systems Administrator, IT Systems Analyst, or Systems/Network Engineer tailored to your business needs, whether it’s for remote home-based or office-based positions.

In need of IT support? Our expertise extends to hiring Technical Support Engineers, Desktop Support, Helpdesk Support, and Technical Support specialists in the Philippines, dedicated exclusively to your business.

For programming talent, we can recruit Game Developers, Database Administrators, Software Developers, Web Developers, Application Developers, and DevOps Engineers. Whether you require Frontend, Backend, or Full Stack Developers, we match skilled IT professionals to your specific needs.

Kamel is also equipped to provide IT service staff in roles such as QA Testers, Social Media Moderators, Information Security Analysts, IT Consultants, and Ecommerce Specialists. Any remotely manageable role can be effectively filled by Kamel.

Creating Efficient Outsourced IT Support Teams

Establishing outsourced IT support teams in the Philippines is a cost-effective way to scale your business. Whether you need offshore IT support to augment in-house staff, offer round-the-clock desktop support to customers, or develop software and apps, outsourcing is a strategic solution.
We tap into a rich database of experienced and qualified Filipino professionals who are eager to work full-time for your company. We handle all recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes, while you manage their daily tasks.

Choose from a curated shortlist of candidates who fit your needs, and we’ll rapidly set up your new offshore IT team. We also provide all necessary infrastructure and resources, so you don’t have to worry about logistics.

Your remote IT support team will operate from our state-of-the-art facilities in the Philippines, where we manage all HR, payroll, leave, taxes, and legal requirements of employing overseas staff. Outsourcing IT support teams in the Philippines can significantly enhance your competitive edge and elevate your business.

Advantages of Offshore IT Teams

Offshore IT teams offer significant advantages, particularly for companies with budget constraints or those struggling to find suitable in-house specialists. Utilized by numerous startups and established firms worldwide, these teams provide a viable way to optimize operations and expand market presence.
With specialist offshore IT teams, you can broaden service offerings, meet deadlines more efficiently, and boost revenue. Whether you need system analysts, network engineers, programmers, or desktop support professionals to optimize in-house networks and systems, offshore teams are an ideal solution.

The benefits of offshore IT teams are especially prominent in business expansion and revenue growth. Compared to hiring local professionals with higher salary demands and potential turnover, offshore IT teams offer a more stable and cost-effective alternative.

With a retention rate exceeding 95%, partnering with Kamel, a leading provider of offshore IT teams in the Philippines, is a strategic move towards achieving your business objectives.

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