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Outsourced Professional Services Staff

Kamel stands as a premier choice for hiring offshore professionals, dedicated to augmenting your team with top-quality services. We ensure that opting for professional services offshore outsourcing doesn’t mean compromising on quality for cost-effectiveness.
As a leading provider of offshore staffing solutions, Kamel offers a broad spectrum of professional service roles to global clients. We recognize the crucial need for expertise, knowledge, and experience in professional services and have a decade-long track record of recruiting the top 5% of highly skilled professionals in the Philippines. Our expertise spans legal, architectural, engineering, accounting, marketing, healthcare, technology, education, and other professional services roles.

Our successful placements include lawyers, paralegals, legal secretaries, researchers, and support staff in legal services; accountants, auditors, financial analysts, bookkeepers, tax professionals, and financial planners in accounting and finance; architects, civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers in architecture and engineering; management consultants, IT consultants, business analysts, and HR consultants in consulting services; digital marketing specialists, brand managers, social media experts, and advertising executives in marketing and advertising; physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and other healthcare professionals in healthcare; software developers, IT support staff, network administrators, and data analysts in technology; and teaching assistants, professors, curriculum developers, and educational consultants in education.

Outsourced Professional Services Staff We Provided

In the past year, we’ve provided outsourced staff for roles in project management, engineering, marketing, finance, healthcare, mining, social media, web design, and more, reflecting the growing demand for outsourcing to the Philippines.
The popularity of hiring offshore professional services staff stems from lower recruitment costs and the management of remote teams. Our access to a vast database of qualified professionals is pivotal, especially as finding the right skill set locally becomes more challenging.

Our process is hands-off for you: we manage recruitment, hiring, onboarding, HR, payroll, and other entitlements. We also offer state-of-the-art facilities in the Philippines where your outsourced staff work full-time.

With a retention rate exceeding 95%, our approach ensures that the majority of our outsourced staff are satisfied and committed to their roles, contributing to the growth and expansion of your business without excessive costs.

Benefits of Offshoring Professional Services Roles

Offshoring professional services roles to the Philippines offers significant benefits. These include access to a pool of highly qualified professionals and substantial savings on recruitment, hiring, and long-term management costs, including HR, payroll, taxes, and other entitlements.
The costs of providing necessary resources and infrastructure are also considerably lower in the Philippines compared to local hiring. While cost savings are significant, the primary advantage for many companies is the ease of finding and retaining specialist staff.

If you’re facing challenges in filling professional service roles locally or seeking to reduce recruitment costs, offshoring to the Philippines presents a viable solution.

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