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Outsourcing Contact & Call Center Staff

The Philippines is renowned as the top destination for contact center outsourcing services. Kamel offers a comprehensive range of customer contact solutions, making us a premier choice for Contact Center outsourcing.
Our extensive service portfolio enables Kamel to manage more than just your Call Center’s incoming and outgoing voice calls. We are also equipped to handle additional contact center services such as email and live chat support. The Kamel team possesses the expertise necessary to establish and operate your Contact Center in the Philippines efficiently.

Developing Remote Contact Center Teams in the Philippines

Establishing remote contact center teams in the Philippines is a cost-effective approach to enhance customer service capabilities. Immediate response to customer inquiries is a key demand in today’s market, and call centers are pivotal in meeting this need.
Remote contact center teams in the Philippines, operating 24/7, alleviate the burden on your in-house staff, allowing them to focus on core business objectives. This setup is effective for engaging with customers through both incoming and outgoing calls.

Starting a local call center can be daunting in terms of time and cost. Opting for offshore contact center teams in the Philippines is a popular alternative due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Kamel handles all aspects of recruitment, hiring, and onboarding. Your remote call center team will operate from our advanced facilities in the Philippines, equipped with all necessary infrastructure and resources. This arrangement saves time and money while providing access to a talented pool of professionals.

Advantages of Outsourcing Call Center Staff

Outsourcing call center staff to the Philippines offers numerous benefits, including enhanced efficiency, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and a positive company reputation. Offering live chat and email support can also drive conversions and revenue growth. A significant advantage of outsourcing to the Philippines is cost-effectiveness compared to local operations.
This cost reduction is due to our role in recruiting and managing staff, including their workload and day-to-day needs, coupled with the generally lower wages in the Philippines. These factors make outsourcing to the Philippines a popular choice for businesses.

This arrangement benefits both parties: your business gains access to fluent English-speaking professionals with call center experience who are committed to your objectives, while Filipino staff receive stable, well-compensated employment.

With a retention rate exceeding 95%, outsourcing your call center operations to the Philippines is a strategic decision for your business.

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