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Quality Dedicated Remote Bookkeeper Staffing

Bookkeepers play a vital role in maintaining the financial accuracy and integrity of a business. At Kamel, we specialize in assembling teams of expert financial bookkeepers who can deliver top-notch, cutting-edge accounting and administrative outsourced bookkeeping services.

We offer the service of expert remote bookkeepers to manage your company’s finances. Our capability extends to building a high-quality offshore team of financial specialists, including bookkeepers, financial analysts, payroll officers, and accountants. Whether your need is for a remote home-based bookkeeper or an office-based team of offshore bookkeeping experts, Kamel is your ideal partner.

Employ Dedicated Offshore Bookkeepers and Save Up to 75% Compared to Local Hiring

Inquire about our transparent fixed monthly rates without long-term contracts.

Whether you’re looking for a bookkeeper with administrative skills or a bookkeeping supervisor, we can assist in building an offshore team in the Philippines tailored to your business needs. Our recruitment expertise covers various bookkeeping software including QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, MYOB, and others, ensuring we find professionals experienced in your specific accounting systems.

Comprehensive Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Leverage our expertise in providing dedicated offshore bookkeepers. Understanding that every organization has unique needs, we strive to offer tailored solutions for your accounting and administrative requirements. Our service includes providing highly skilled outsource bookkeepers at a reduced cost, minimizing the financial burden of hiring and retaining staff.
We have successfully placed offshore bookkeepers in roles such as:

  • Bookkeeper/Administration Assistant
  • Accounts Clerk/Bookkeeper
  • Administration Bookkeeper
  • Accountant/Bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeper – Client Manager
  • Bookkeeper/Accounts Assistant
  • Bookkeeper/Administration Officer
  • Bookkeeping Supervisor
  • Bookkeeper’s Assistant

Our experience extends to hiring remote bookkeepers proficient in Xero, QuickBooks, Reckon, Sage, Wave Accounting, MYOB, NetSuite, FreshBooks, and more. Whatever your accounting software needs, we can place talented offshore bookkeepers in the Philippines who are dedicated to your business’s ongoing success.

Benefits of Bookkeeper Outsourcing

Outsourcing bookkeeping services to the Philippines offers several advantages for your business. The Philippines boasts a large pool of highly skilled bookkeepers familiar with the latest accounting software and practices. This outsourcing approach is cost-effective, with labor costs typically 75% lower than local rates. It also allows your business to focus on core competencies and strategic initiatives. Additionally, it provides flexibility and scalability, adapting to your business’s growth and evolving needs.
At Kamel, our ISO-certified processes ensure the total security of your accounting and information through secure systems, remote access, and quality ISO systems. We guarantee that your qualified, dedicated remote bookkeepers will deliver exceptional and accurate bookkeeping services that exceed your expectations.

To explore more about bookkeeper outsourcing and hiring an offshore qualified bookkeeper in the Philippines, please contact us now.

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