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Quality Dedicated Remote Cloud Engineer Staffing

As the shift towards cloud computing accelerates, the demand for skilled cloud engineers in the Philippines is growing. Engaging a remote cloud engineer from this vast talent pool allows companies to leverage professional expertise in managing and optimizing cloud-based data and applications.

Cloud engineers are pivotal in orchestrating a company’s cloud infrastructure, overseeing application development, resource allocation, maintenance, and the strategic use of cloud services like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. When you onboard a full-time, dedicated cloud engineer from the Philippines, they will tailor computing, networking, and security services to your needs, ensuring seamless access for employees and cost-efficient cloud service utilization.

Outsourcing to the Philippines opens doors to proficient individuals capable of administrating cloud operations, crafting new applications, and ensuring the smooth functioning of network processes. Your dedicated cloud engineer will manage tasks such as:

  • Designing appropriate architectures with cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.
  • Transitioning existing infrastructures to cloud platforms.
  • Administering cloud service security and access.
  • Conducting ongoing service maintenance, administration, and troubleshooting.

Secure Offshore Cloud Engineers and Realize Savings Up to 75% Over Local Hiring

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Kamel simplifies the hiring process, from identifying the right candidates to onboarding your chosen cloud engineer. Based locally at Kamel, your offshore engineer will be equipped with all necessary resources and technology to effectively fulfill their role within your organization.

Access Premier Cloud Engineering Talent through Outsourcing

Utilizing Kamel’s network, you gain access to a broad spectrum of highly qualified cloud engineers, which can significantly save time and resources for your company. Your offshore cloud engineer will possess degrees in fields such as computer science or information technology, possibly complemented by advanced degrees and experience in software development, databases, and networking.
The terms “cloud computing developer” and “cloud engineer” reflect distinct yet overlapping roles:

  • Cloud computing developers focus on the software aspect, crafting and managing applications on cloud platforms, grounded in software development principles.
  • Cloud engineers concentrate on the infrastructure component, responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining the cloud environment, with a solid background in systems and network administration.

This distinction highlights the diverse skill sets within cloud computing, though many professionals cross these boundaries.
Kamel has expertise in staffing various cloud engineering roles in the Philippines, catering to specific cloud platforms and IT domains, from Google Cloud Engineers to DevOps Cloud Engineers, each specializing in areas that complement and enhance cloud computing practices.

Outsourcing your cloud engineering needs to the Philippines not only broadens your access to skilled professionals but also aligns with strategic business objectives, ensuring a team equipped with the necessary expertise to drive your company forward.

For detailed information on engaging a remote cloud engineer or cloud computing developer in the Philippines, reach out to Kamel today.

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