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Grow Remote & Offshore Teams in the Philippines

Expand with KamelBPO: Grow your business with dedicated, full-time office staff as part of your offshore teams. Our expertise in utilizing skilled offshore talent ensures efficient and cost-effective expansion for your global operations

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Save up to 75% compared to local hiring.

Provide an excellent work environment for staff retention.

Adhere to ISO standards for data security

Employ the top 10% of talent from the Philippines.

Lessen costs

Save up to 75%

When you hire offshore staff in the Philippines through Kamel, it will lead to significant cost savings, potentially up to 75% compared to local hiring. Outsourcing to the Philippines is a highly efficient and cost-effective strategy for business growth and expansion.

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Scale fast

Tap into top-tier talent

Hiring offshore staff through Kamel enables rapid, effortless, and economical scaling of your organization. Our support staff assists in assembling your team, selecting from the top 5% of elite professionals in the Philippines.

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Enhanced Productivity

Committed Remote Team

Your offshore staff, based remotely in our offices, will operate during your specified working hours, integrating seamlessly as an extension of your local team. You select the team members, and they report to you daily, offering an experience akin to local hiring.

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Four Easy Steps to Securing Your Dedicated Outsourced Team


Provide a Job Description:

Simply specify your needs to us.


We Recruit Skilled Professionals

Focused on finding only the best, ensuring top quality.


Your Dedicated Staff Report to You

Choose between full-time remote or office-based staff, tailored to your requirements.


Operational Management by Us

We take care of the daily operations while maintaining high-quality standards.

Reasons Leading Companies Prefer KamelBPO for Outsourcing in the Philippines

We help foreign companies build their own premium dedicated home-based and office-based teams in the Philippines.

  • Cost Effective (Save 75%)
  • Highest Quality Staff
  • ISO Quality Standards
  • No Lock-In Contracts
  • Premium Client Services
  • Scale Quickly and Easily
  • Transparent Pricing

KamelBPO Service Categories

Explore an extensive range of roles that KamelBPO can seamlessly recruit for you in the Philippines. Here's a curated selection of the most sought-after roles across various industries, highly favored by our clients.