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Accelerating Digital Transformation: Outsource Your AI Team to the Philippines

The technological advancements from recent years revolutionized how business and life works. From shopping, and working, to transportation, and construction, all our tasks have become easier!

One of the best technological advancements that aid our day-to-day lives is Artificial Intelligence or AI. This pertains to the ability of a computer system to complete tasks that were previously only done by humans. Not only that, it has the capacity to absorb, interpret, and make complex decisions based on millions of data points, which makes it far more efficient. AI also has the capability for reasoning, learning, planning, and creativity, making it useful across all industries.

With artificial intelligence’s rapid growth, the demand for professionals with knowledge and skills for AI also continues to grow. Combine cost-effectiveness and competency by outsourcing to the Philippines! We have a pool of reliable and professional AI staff who can help you make the most out of machine learning!

The promising field of AI 

Being in the artificial intelligence field can be pretty challenging. You need to deal with lots of complex data, and also need to supervise an AI’s learning process to reinforce good decisions and discourage bad ones. With this, you need a dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly-experienced team who are as passionate as you about technological advancement and how it can be utilized for your business! 

Outsourcing different AI Roles 

The demand for professionals with the skills to handle AI-related tasks continues to grow by the day. Be ahead of the competition and build a powerhouse AI team to work on your projects! Here are some of the experts and roles – including non-technical roles – that you can outsource to the Philippines: 

AI Architect 

You need someone to create and manage architecture using the most advanced AI technology foundations. Combine that with a person who has the ability to present practical, effective, and easily understandable solutions to your customers, and you have a fantastic AI architect on your team! 

AI Architects are expected to be well-versed in various AI-related tools and be skilled enough to adapt quickly to new developments so they can use the right technology for different projects. After all, companies will give them the task to envision, build, and operationalize machine learning (ML) and AI pipeline. They also need to collaborate with team members from data scientists to the security team. 

Data Scientist 

Now that we mentioned data scientists, let’s focus on that! They often have a knack for digging into systems to find and use relevant datasets to create patterns and solve problems. From data mining to data cleaning, and analysis, you bet they can handle all the tough work! 

Data scientists will also collaborate with various AI staff such as engineers, analysts, and more. Not to mention, they are expected to provide insights to business stakeholders in a digestible way. 

Data Engineer 

If you have individuals looking for the “what,” then you also need people to work on the “how.” This is where a data engineer for an AI project comes in! They are briefed about the ideas and insights from scientists and come up with solutions to various problems. They do so by developing scalable and reliable APIs that can be sourced into applications, and MVP applications that have everything right from model development to model testing.

A data engineer can help develop and maintain architecture using leading AI frameworks.

Machine Learning Engineer 

Let’s first define machine learning or ML. This term pertains to the subset of artificial intelligence wherein the machine runs simulations with the data it has been given to produce accurate results.

In order to be effective as an AI team, a Machine Learning Engineer is needed so he or she can deal with complex data and apply predictive models. They build and maintain various machine learning initiatives so companies can get high-quality data and solutions on autopilot. 

Product Manager 

What’s the next step after extracting data? How do you tackle problems on the project? All these questions and more can be solved with a reliable Product Manager who is skilled in estimating organizational impacts stemming from data interpretation and analysis.  


There is a lot of talk about AI – whether it’s about replacing humans in various fields, or issues on privacy. A strong AI team should have lawyers who are well-versed not just on how AI is being used in the company, but across all industries too. These lawyers will also help the team should there be any new laws, or if they are failing to abide by laws on algorithmic decision-making.

NLP Engineer

This is someone who is skilled in human language, including spoken and written information. He or she usually works on NLP technology and handles tasks related to voice assistants, speech recognition, and document processing.

The world is embracing data and technology now more than ever. Build a powerhouse AI team today by outsourcing to the Philippines! 

KamelBPO is a trusted company for outsourcing to the Philippines. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of becoming an industry game-changer with new products and experiences through AI. If you want to put together a high-functional team, don’t worry! We got your back! 

Some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing an AI team to the Philippines include:

  • Reduced operation costs by up to 70%. Can you believe that you can create meaningful change for your business without burning a huge hole in your pocket? One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is saving up on expenses. By outsourcing, you are passing on the training, security, and other overhead to our team.
  • Option to hire various AI staff on a part-time, full-time, or freelance basis. Choose if you want a whole team, or if you need specific roles filled in.
  • Reliable professionals who are well-versed and experienced in the field of AI. 

What are you waiting for? Message us to get a free quote! We can help you build a solid and powerful AI team in no time. 

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