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Accurate Data Guaranteed: Outsource Data Cleansing Services to the Philippines

Every company collects large quantities of data as it helps inform trends and guide important business decisions. However, not everything collected can immediately be classified as actionable insights. Companies still need to clean the “dirty data” just so there are no corrupt or inaccurate, as well as redundant records.

This is where data cleansing comes in really handy! The process refers to the identification of and amending of data so that it only contains reliable data. Some people look at this as “housekeeping” for your records. By using clean data, you can execute better marketing strategies, and get better ROI for your company!

Data cleansing services are now being done digitally, which gives businesses flexibility without sacrificing efficiency and quality of work. If your company is offshore ready, and you want to outsource to the Philippines, then we are all for eliminating the irregularities in your dirty data! We can help you get the most actionable insights at a fraction of the cost by putting together a super team.

Data is like your other business assets that need to be taken care of! 

We already gave you the basic description of data cleansing, but it also helps to have a closer look so you have an idea of what it really covers! 

Data Cleansing is the process of detecting, correcting or amending inaccurate or duplicated records from a dataset. This ensures that your records are free of any human error or corruption that could have been caused by incorrect initial capture/extraction, migration between systems, or even inconsistent data processing. The rigorous cleansing often involves an examination of data by using rules or certain algorithms. Once done, you are left with the most accurate information that could serve as your single source of truth.

If we are talking about data quality management, we can say that this is the most important of all! 

Our data cleansing services aim to eliminate any sort of confusion or disillusion arising from dirty data. This will help your business perform 101% in activities, and not waste time looking at inaccurate information.

What are examples of dirty data that can we get rid of?

Outdated data
The thing is, some data reports are only good for analysis and for use in business decisions for a certain amount of time. While it holds promise at the start, it can quickly become substantially outdated. Our data cleansing services will make sure you don’t absentmindedly refer to old data for current situations!

Duplicate data
Duplicate data is a common “error” due to data exchanges or manual entry. By the name itself, it means you have multiple entries of the same thing. Since this will cause inflated storage and an inefficient workflow, it’s best to get rid of it right away!

Inconsistent and incomplete data
A small discrepancy in your data formatting can give you big headaches! This is why inconsistent data or out-of-sync data should be eliminated to avoid problems. In addition, incomplete data should always be checked up on to ensure you can proceed with a reliable data processing and analysis strategy and arrive at the best business decision.

How does data cleansing work? 

We’re so glad you asked! 

It all starts with the collection of raw or unclean data. By sending us your data in various formats, then we can take a look at it and see what needs to be fixed. Is it incomplete data? Perhaps duplicate data? Maybe it’s a combination! By investigating the anomalies, then we’d know the direction of the work. 

Next, we proceed with Data Segmentation where we divide incorrect data from the correct one! We can check for gaps and make amendments. 

What comes after that? Well, after that it’s time for the most important part of the step, which is the actual data cleansing and enrichment! Our team of experts shall perform the necessary steps to give your database its much-needed cleanup. 

Our work doesn’t stop there. Our team will also validate the clean data and give it a standardized format for consistency. As part of the company’s hygiene activities, the use of structured data is easier for analysis and integration. Lastly, quality checks will be put in order to ensure data accuracy and authenticity! 

Building a super data cleansing team! 

There are various roles related to data cleansing that are well-suited to outsourcing. Depending on your company’s needs, you may choose to seek the assistance of the following: 

  • Data Cleansing Specialist 
  • Data Cleansing Analyst
  • Data Migration Project Manager
  • Data Quality Manager

Benefits of Data Cleansing 

Keeping up with the market dynamics is easier said than done. To be more hardworking with your strategies, you need to work on actionable insights from reliable data. If you continuously perform data cleansing for your business, you will reap the following benefits: 

  • Utilization of resources and skilled workers 
  • Pursue quality leads through accurate marketing data 
  • Efficient business processes 

We can provide you with a reliable data cleansing team to make sure your clean data is utilized for the best business decisions! 

Outsourcing to the Philippines for a Data Cleansing team will give you the confidence to work on marketing strategies more accurately. We aim to help you scale your business, and you are only one click away from getting the support you need. 

Here are some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing to the Philippines: 

  • Reduced operation costs by up to 70%. Did you know that by outsourcing to the Philippines for your company’s data cleansing needs, then you would be getting the same efficiency and quality, similar to when you build an actual team in your office? Who would say no to savings and quality? 
  • A trained and solid team who are experts in data cleanup and enrichment. 
  • Gain the advantage to stay ahead of competitors who struggle with their in-house data management teams

What are you waiting for? All it takes is a simple email or message to get started. 

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