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Be at the Top of Your Game: Outsource Marketing Research to the Philippines

Marketing Research is a crucial aspect of any business. It allows companies – small or large – to gain actionable insights about their target audience, all so they can better their products, services, and marketing campaigns. However, not all companies have the resources to complete marketing research. Due to it being pretty time-consuming and expensive in nature, some just choose to outsource this specific function to other countries, such as the Philippines.

The Philippines has become a popular destination for outsourcing marketing research due to its highly educated workforce, affordable labor costs, and cultural compatibility with Western countries. If you are deciding to outsource marketing research, here’s what you need to know!

There are different roles related to Marketing Research. Depending on the company’s needs, they may only require a key person or a whole team. 

Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst is someone who’s on top of collecting and analyzing data on consumer preferences, market trends, and competitive activity. They have know-how on specific data tools and dashboards and use the information collected to help the company make informed decisions about their products and marketing campaigns. 

Survey Researcher

A Survey Researcher is assigned to create, and conduct surveys to effectively gather information about consumer behavior, opinions, and attitudes. They may refer to the company’s previous insights, and see conducting a survey as a means to test if the same information still holds true, or if there is a change in consumer behavior. They use statistical methods to analyze the data and provide insights to companies.

Focus Group Moderator

Substantial insights result from substantial discussions. This is why a Marketing Research team often relies on a Focus Group Moderator to lead group discussions with consumers. Their task is to gather qualitative data about the attitudes and opinions toward a product or service. Compared to a survey which has a set of structured questions about a specific topic, a focus group discussion, is where consumers can share their whole thoughts and feelings about a topic more clearly. After all, the goal is to gain a deeper understanding. 

Data Entry Specialist

A data entry specialist will also be really beneficial for the team. This individual will be responsible for entering data collected from surveys or other research methods into a database or spreadsheet. By practicing diligence and accuracy in their data entry task, they are to ensure that the data is accurate and organized for further analysis.

Statistical Analyst

Identifying trends, patterns, and correlations is the job of a Statistical Analyst. He or she would usually be given large sets of data for analysis. Once done, they need to provide actionable insights to companies to improve their products and marketing campaigns. 

What makes a good Marketing Research team? 

Every successful company has had its strategies fueled by the actionable insights of a Marketing Research team. Here are some skills you should look out for when building a solid team: 

  • Analytical skills: A marketing researcher must be able to analyze data, interpret research results, and make sound conclusions based on the data collected.
  • Problem-solving skills: The researcher must be able to identify problems and develop appropriate solutions to solve them.
  • Attention to detail: Marketing Research requires meticulous attention to detail. Even small errors or oversights can significantly impact the accuracy of the results.
  • Communication skills: The researcher must be able to communicate complex research findings in a clear, concise, and compelling manner to stakeholders with varying levels of knowledge and expertise. They should know better than simply presenting complicated charts.
  • Curiosity and Creativity: A good marketing researcher should be naturally curious and able to think outside the box. This would help them develop creative research strategies!
  • Industry Knowledge: Conducting surveys is not enough. The marketing research team should have an understanding of the industry, dynamics, market trends, and consumer behavior.
  • Ethical Behavior: Marketing researchers must adhere to ethical principles when conducting research. They must maintain confidentiality, avoid bias, and ensure that research participants are treated with respect and dignity.

The Philippines is one of the top places to outsource 

Companies should conduct thorough research on potential outsourcing partners before working closely with them. This will ensure that all their marketing research needs are met. When it comes to outsourcing, the Philippines is known to be at the top of the game. Take a look at what makes it so: 

1. The country has a highly-educated workforce 

The country has a robust education system, with many universities offering courses in marketing, business, and research. As a result, there is a large pool of highly skilled marketing researchers who are not only knowledgeable but competent about the latest research methodologies and techniques.

Filipinos are also fluent in English. This is a major advantage because they get to easily communicate with companies, eliminating or reducing barriers or other communication issues.

2. You will enjoy cheaper labor costs

Another reason why outsourcing marketing research to the Philippines is attractive to companies is the affordable labor costs. Compared to having an in-house team complete the task (which is time-consuming and more expensive in the long run), costs in the Philippines are significantly lower than in many Western countries. Small and medium-sized businesses will mostly benefit from this since they have limited resources, and would appreciate getting highly-skilled researchers at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

3. Western companies have a cultural compatibility with the Philippines 

Thanks to Western influence, many Filipinos can speak English with almost perfect fluency. They also have a strong understanding of Western culture, and can better understand the needs and preferences of their audiences. This would naturally lead to more effective results. 

Whether it’s bringing in new customers, developing marketing strategies, evaluating brand perception and opinions, monitoring competition, or testing new products and services, a good Marketing Research team will definitely get the job done! 

If you’re interested to outsource and run your company on auto-pilot, all you need to do is send us a message! We’ll provide you with a quotation tailored to your needs and wants. 

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