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Call Center Scripts That Win Customers

When it comes to interacting with customers and giving them the best support and service possible, having a good call center script can make all the difference!

From responding to a simple query, to dealing with irate customers, the script would be useful in resolving any issue possible. Many companies use call center scripts for their calls, and they often cover various aspects of customer needs.

Before anything else…

What are call center scripts?

These scripts contain the talking points for the customers’ frequently asked questions, as well as other issues. Normally, there are appropriate responses for each query, and not all issues can be resolved using a generic response.

Imagine calling up a company to complain about a defective product, and instead of the representative explaining how you can refund your payment, she talks to you about how they value you as a customer and do nothing more after that. That would leave you frustrated, right?

Call center scripts exist to eliminate the frustration, or at least keep it to a minimum.

Why are call center scripts important?

Companies nowadays place more value in customer experience or CX. They have recognized its importance in retaining customers and building loyalty. A good CX would often lead to those two positive outcomes. On the other hand, negative CX would often result to bad word of mouth – making customers and their network hesitant about doing business with the company.

Based on the advisory group Gartner’s research, customer experience has overtaken both price and product as the key to not only attracting but keeping business [2021].

Benefits of a Good Call Center Script

Less errors
Dealing with customers is hard enough as it is. What more if you’re faced with an irate customer who can’t seem to calm herself down? With a good call center script, you can stick to step-by-step responses that will lead to a smooth resolution.

Training time is reduced
If you are aiming to be more efficient, then a good call center script will really come in handy. You can just provide the handouts to the team and have them review it before being onboarded to the call center day-to-day tasks. What’s good about this is you would also encourage the team to be self-starters!

Does your company have a good call center script?

Writing a few good sentences and using words that will make your customer smile doesn’t necessarily lead to a good call center script. You’ve got to take note of a winning formula!

Lucky for you, we know just the thing to keep you on your customers’ good side! While you can’t use a generic response for all calls, make sure you have the following embedded into or considered in your script:

1. Personalize
Make sure to give the proper introduction to humanize your interaction after referencing the business.

Then, address the caller by his or her name every single time.

2. Be straight to the point
For a customer, nothing sucks more than listening to a 5-minute spiel before you can get the resolution you need. The customer already knows that you are there to help. That is exactly why he or she called. Give your concise answer and avoid wasting their time.

3. Stick to conversational language
It can’t be helped that some issues would be more technical than others, but make sure to stick to conversational language as much as possible.

4. Have a response ready for demanding or hard-to-deal-with clients
An irate customer would more likely throw a fit if the caller doesn’t know how to respond to his or her queries. It is your job to have a response ready to keep them at bay before you pull out needed info or check on the status of their requests.

5. Be informed about the products and services
You’ve already personalized the call while sticking to conversational language, gave the answer to the question they are asking, and managed to keep the irate customer in a good mood with your well-prepared script.

What if they have other questions about the company’s products and services? You don’t want to end your winning streak with them! Make sure to review the company’s offerings so you can easily answer their follow-up questions.

6. Prepare the FAQs
If you are set to create a winning call center script, you shouldn’t miss the basics. In this case, it’s being prepared for the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs.

A Call Center Script That Wins Customers

Aside from the different elements that should be embedded into or considered in your script, you should also keep in mind that the calls should help you achieve your business goals.

Aim for positive CX, but make sure to get things done. What do we mean by that?

Include the caller in your database
Expanding your database is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. You may source the caller’s contact details (with their permission) so you can add it to your database.

Listen to the queries and list down pain points
You are already listening to the customer air out their concerns. You might as well list down pain points so the company can do better and make improvements.

Leave a good impression
Every call is an opportunity to ensure that the caller hangs up the phone with a positive brand impression. This makes sure that they will continue engaging with the business for the years to come.

Outsource to the Philippines for the best call center agents

Woman working in call center

Reduce costs for your business and increase efficiency by considering offshore call centers. Philippines is one of the top outsourcing hubs because the place has a huge pool of experienced and highly-trained call center workers. These workers are already native English speakers, and are known for their superb customer service and hospitality.

An entire team can bring 24/7 support to your business! Don’t underestimate the value that would arise from that.

We are all about helping you achieve your business goals. If you want to make a positive change, get started by sending us a message!

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