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Expert Data Entry Specialists for Your Business

A well-trained and qualified data entry specialist can make all the difference for your company. While the tasks required for the role are pretty mundane, the results are crucial to making sure your company can keep tabs on the information that really matters.

You know what happens when you have properly collected and analyzed data – you can make strategic moves to scale the business or improve processes!

Before we got to the topic of hiring data entry specialists, let us first define data entry.

What is data entry? 

Data entry is a process that is considered an integral part of data management, which refers to the collection, storage, and analysis of data from either electronic or non-electronic sources. After the data is collected, it is then managed and organized within the system.

How important is data entry to a business? 

All successful businesses recognize the importance of data entry, as it allows them to rise over the competition and improve their sales and marketing strategies.

The data collected from customers would typically contain information such as profile, their purchase behavior, interests, and more. In the age of information, you will lose if you don’t see the value in managing all these! 

What skills does a good data entry specialist possess?

We get it. You are already decided to use data to your advantage by hiring data entry specialists to join your team. As long as we’re on the topic of keeping a competitive advantage, then we’re here to help you out! Leave the task of picking out the best data entry specialists to us so you can just focus on more important things such as scaling. 

Doesn’t the idea of improving your business and keeping costs low sound so good? We can be on the lookout for the best talents. Here are some of the skills a good data entry specialist possesses: 

A data entry specialist needs to perform high-volume data entry using various word processing, spreadsheet, database, or other computer software. On top of that, they are dealing with sensitive data that will be crucial for the company’s growth.

This is why every good data entry specialist should have high attention to detail, may it be in encoding the data, or reviewing it for missing information or discrepancies.

It would be difficult for a normal person to prepare, compile, sort, and encode documents daily – taking into consideration the integrity of data. This is where a good data entry specialist comes in! He or she is not just tasked to simply transfer information from paper to computer formats.

Organization skills will really come in handy!

If you are entrusting your data to a specialist, then you should have the confidence and peace of mind to know that your people are motivated to maintain a satisfactory level of quality and productivity per your standards.

A good data entry specialist has integrity in collecting and organizing important company data and keeping all your records updated.

Working Experience of a Data Entry Specialist 

A higher education degree is not always required for this role. However, companies often look at a person’s knowledge in using specific computer programs such as Adobe, Omnipage, Soda, Windows, Google Suite, DocuFree, and more. A data entry specialist’s working experience is classified accordingly:

JUNIOR: This data entry specialist only has less than 2 years of experience, and would often only handle customer databases. 

INTERMEDIATE: This is the minimum level of a good data entry specialist because it means more years of experience, including exposure to verification of information and spotting discrepancies. They are not simply trained to encode data but are already adept at checking incompatibilities. More often than not, they are also referred to as analysts.  

SENIOR: Last but definitely not least is the final working experience level of a data entry specialist. Seniors would already have extensive experience in data analysis and data entry. They have already mastered the smooth and efficient processing of large amounts of information and data, and are tasked with leading a team of junior members. 

The search for the best data entry specialists with exceptional skills is over! 

Outsourcing to the Philippines for data entry and analysis will certainly help you scale up your business. We can ensure that our candidates will be more than qualified for the handling of your electronic storage system, and growing your database. 

Some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing to the Philippines include: 

  • Reduced operation costs by up to 70%. You can recruit as many specialists as you want, and have a senior specialist manage the team. Then, you can just ensure a streamlined process so updates are delivered fast and accurately to your onshore team.
  • Digitally literate professionals with experience using data entry software and have impeccable efficiency. Filipino data entry specialists already know what to do, and can complete data management tasks efficiently.
  • Access to highly adaptable data entry specialists who are available on a part-time, full-time, or freelance basis.

You don’t have to worry about training, security, and other overheads because we’ll take care of that for you! 

Leave the job to the experts! 

A burden off your shoulder is always good, right? Let us help you find the right person for your company and bring more value to your work when it comes to data entry. Outsource to the Philippines so you can divert your time to growing your business! 

We can build you a dream team who is more than motivated to bring in good results. Filipino data entry specialists will offer the best level of support to your company with their various skills: 

  • A keen eye for details 
  • Database software and structure knowledge
  • Time management
  • Organization skills 
  • Integrity 
  • Data gathering skills 

Remember, we are all about helping you achieve your business goals. If you want to make a positive change, we are just one message away from providing you with the best service you could ever hope for! 

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