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Outsource Your Engineering Team to the Philippines and Enjoy Increased Efficiency

Keeping up with construction demands can be more stressful than you think. This is why the majority of companies today are outsourcing their engineering team to reap huge benefits such as overhead cost reduction and greater efficiency. They know that they can get talented individuals onboarded without compromising the quality of service done for each project.

If you need capable and reliable engineers to work on your requirements, this is where outsourcing to the Philippines makes sense. Based on a Euractiv report, Europe is facing a skills shortage related to engineering qualifications, and it has been a trend that has been evident for several years. Such a trend has also been observed more widely across the globe. By outsourcing, you will have access to a superb talent pool of engineers that have diversified skills and experience in the industry.

Building a powerhouse engineering team

You must be asking this question: “What are the different engineering roles I can expect by outsourcing to the Philippines?” The good news is there is a lot to choose from. Since you are building a powerhouse engineering team, we are already expecting that you have quite a few shoes to fill, and not just one. Here are some:

Civil Engineer

Firm up your construction plans and leave them to a professional. A civil engineer is a must because he or she can help with creating blueprints, solving technical problems, providing better visualization with CAD, as well as project research and development. Not to mention, a civil engineer shall be in charge of geospatial solutions. Lucky for you, the work completed by a civil engineer can also be done remotely. If you outsource to the Philippines, you won’t be sacrificing anything in your business as you can still get access to qualified professionals that have been carefully vetted.

Quantity Surveyor

When it comes to construction projects, you badly need someone to consult with the developers and give them the confidence to plan their projects with cost certainty. This role is done by a quantity surveyor, and truth be told, you can’t afford to start development without one. They help in completing feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, resource allocation, value engineering, and more.

CAD Operator

How can you clearly check a design if it’s high quality, and good against certain variables if it’s not properly laid out visually? A CAD Operator is good to have in a powerhouse engineering team because they help diagnose everything about a project before they create prototypes!

Structural Engineer

Reduce the demands of a construction project with the help of a professional structural engineer who is capable of project management. He or she shall be in charge of property inspections (assessment of work by contractors and sub-contractors), designing load-bearing structures, as well as facilitating the selection of the best construction materials. Their technical advice to builders will be most welcome to ensure the success of each project.


Having an experienced architect on your team can make all the difference in your project. He or she shall be in charge of various design tools such as AutoCAD and Revit among others to ensure that everything from start to end is covered. The architect will also handle the drafts of design development, as well as construction documentation.

Electrical Engineer

Well, you can’t really have a building without having practical applications of electricity in all its forms checked, can you? An electrical engineer is key to ensuring that the design, building, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment are in order, may it be for commercial, residential, or industrial construction projects.

Project Manager

It is the job of a project manager to effectively coordinate with different engineers and architects. They oversee the whole building process and is also responsible for obtaining needed permits, and materials, firming up contracts with vendors, as well as supervising manpower. A good engineering team will have a project manager to ensure all deadlines are met and all phases of the projects are covered.

Quality Assurance or Control Lead

Maintaining set standards is a bare minimum, more so if it’s a construction project. A quality assurance lead works to ensure compliance with safety and quality specifications. They should be able to evaluate construction plans and perform other tasks that will contribute to an injury-free workplace. Normally, a quality assurance lead prepares a QC or quality control plan, and regularly completes construction findings so that everything is covered throughout the whole building process. A quality assurance or control lead may be asked to represent the company in any matters related to quality.

Administrative Assistant

Some people think only those with technical know-how should be part of an engineering team. However, if we’re talking about a construction project, every role matters and this includes an administrative assistant who can effectively perform general office, clerical, and administrative tasks to support the engineers and architects. They are in charge of contacting vendors, contractors, and other construction services teams to ensure a smooth building process.

They may also be asked to complete forms (purchase orders, service agreements, etc) and organize files for the team.

When you outsource an engineering team, you are basically getting the aid of experienced individuals who will be dedicated to your organization alone, and you get to do it at a fraction of the cost! They may perform their tasks remotely, but their skillset won’t put you in a tough spot and you do not need to compromise on quality.

You can enjoy many benefits by outsourcing to the Philippines:

  • Reduced operation costs by up to 70%. You can build a powerhouse engineering team and just set up a streamlined process so updates and other important details for elevation are delivered fast
  • Access to experienced and capable individuals who will make sure your construction projects are successful
  • More savings (you won’t have to shoulder any onboarding, training, security, and other overheads)

What are you waiting for? You are one message away from building an incredible engineering team to complete your projects. We’ll be happy to provide you with an affordable quote!

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