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Outsourcing Animation Services to the Philippines

Do you have plans of elevating your online presence and making your visuals for social media or corporate more impactful? An animator can help you with that! Businesses are always looking for ways to get ahead of each other, and this is the key to standing out.

Animation is a technique used by creative individuals to turn still elements or photos to look like moving pictures. With this, you’d be able to improve the visual marketing aspects of the business and even influence engagement and conversions.

Whether you are a global company or a small agency excited to bring about change, it doesn’t have to cost you everything you’ve worked so hard for. One way to do it is by outsourcing animation services to the Philippines, which costs better than building a local team.

What is Animation and why is it important for your business? 

If you are an advertising person, then you’re most probably already familiar with animation including its benefits to a business. It has been around since the 1800s but it wasn’t widely used in the 1900s. 

Technology advancements paved the way for it to gain bigger popularity. Plus, it is now accessible to many artists across the globe. With animation, you can create a better story, build an immersive experience, and show visually delightful material. 

Animation has many benefits to a business: 

You can reach a bigger audience

Think of animation as a more creative take on your advertising materials, so it makes sense that it’ll appeal better to your target audience. Whether you are targeting kids, teens, or adults – with the help of animation – then you have the chance to stand out and leave a memorable message. If you can grab that opportunity, why waste it, right? 

You can easily explain complex ideas 

You can’t just bombard your audience with all words or photos. Sometimes, it’s better to animate it so it’s more understandable. Don’t you think so? You can even create a good narrative and deliver better storytelling with the marriage of visuals, sound, and copies! 

Think about it this way – how are you supposed to resonate with your audience and effectively show how incredibly vast the ocean is or how gravity works? You can do so with animation! Isn’t that neat? 

You will stand out 

There is no doubt about it – content is king. You don’t stand a chance if you are a boring marketer in a world where every business is trying to be as entertaining as possible. Engage with your customers better by using animation and making sure you leave an impact. Don’t settle for getting your message out there. It needs to be meaningful to drive influence and change. Let your customers come to you and love your brand. 

Animation brings a different level of creativity and has the ability to cut through the noise. This enables you to stand out, and gives the business its competitive advantage. 

Where can businesses use animation?

In this day and age, animations are more likely to be used on social media. Some people also utilize it for their paid campaigns to convey their message to a bigger audience.

If you outsource animation services to the Philippines, then you get to build your own creative team who can do anything from small social media posts to full-length films or ads!

The team can work on numerous projects – big or small – to make sure you achieve maximum success. Some examples include:

  • Social media posts
  • Animated GIFs
  • Corporate explainer videos
  • Infographics/ educational content
  • Interactive brochures
  • Computer games or apps
  • Short series or films
  • Corporate training and modules
  • TV or digital ads
  • Special effects and many more…

You may also be looking at more advanced works. If that’s the case, some of the most common animation outsourcing services include:

Game Assets
There are many high-graphics games developed on a regular basis, and each company is motivated to produce visually astounding games. Some companies work on this in-house, or partner with various game studios through outsourcing.

2D Animation
You will see 2D animation in all kinds of media and entertainment these days such as films, advertisements, mobile apps, websites, and even TV shows.

3D Animation
Talk about the realistic level of animation you usually see in movies. With 3D, there is a certain depth, which is why the characters and objects appear almost life-like. A company would want to work with the best animators for projects requiring 3D animation.

Animators’ qualifications and experiences: 

When getting an animator, you should keep an eye out for individuals who possess the following: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or certificate in Multimedia Arts, Visual Communication, Animation, Art Education, or Fine Arts
  • High attention to detail 
  • Storytelling and character development techniques 
  • Proficiency in various animation software platforms such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, and Autodesk Maya among others 
  • Ability to work well with a team and beat tight deadlines 
  • Receptiveness to direction or feedback

Are you looking for competent and reliable animators for your next big project? 

Outsourcing to the Philippines for animation services can help you in your goal of engaging the mind and feelings of your audience. Companies surely have to keep up with the demand if they want to stay ahead of the competition! 

Here are some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing to the Philippines: 

  • When you outsource your animation services to the Philippines, then you will enjoy reduced operation costs by up to 70%. Who would say no to getting the same efficiency and quality, similar to when you build an actual team in your office? Well, we are all about the most cost effective solution there is! 
  • A great team of animators who can work on your projects using the necessary programs, and tools, and ensure maximum success. 

What are you waiting for? Don’t be left with the dilemma of choosing the best animators. 

All it takes is a simple email or message then we can set you up! 

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