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Outsourcing IT Support Services to the Philippines

There are a couple of sophisticated computer networks that need to be in place in order to run things smoothly. This is why Information Technology or IT undoubtedly is considered the backbone of any company. It helps facilitate the effortless communication and connectivity within the different departments in the organization. It also helps with efficient business planning, and gives improved protection against security threats.

If you have your hands full with various business activities, then you can consider focusing on those and just get a good partner to handle the IT. From voice system, to cloud management, security, and other IT support, we will be able to provide what you need. Global companies have already discovered the amazing benefit from outsourcing this function to an offshore location. In this case, why not choose a country reverred for its IT professionals? The Philippines is the best place if you are looking for top-level IT support services without burning a hole in your pocket.

Why is Information Technology important? 

While you may already be familiar at how beneficial investing in a good IT support is, we can still dive into that. 

If you have reliable IT solutions in place, then you are more or less protected from security threats that might loom over financial data, competitive information, research insights, and database. A good technical support team would know how to safeguard you from ugly incidents!

Sometimes, you will be surprised at how cost-efficient it is to get IT support services outside. There are many online voice and data solutions available to replace other expensive processes such as extensive trainings and meetings. This only means one thing = great efficiency.

With a good IT solution, then you can focus more on the business’ cash flow, while enhancing business value, and also leading an innovation!

Global companies may face limitations if not for the IT solutions that makes all forms of communication and collaboration possible. With employees coming from across the globe, this is a need more than a vanity.

IT not only brings clients to the business, but also keeps the employees together.

Get Reliable Technical Support Engineers in a Snap

Forget about all the software and hardware problems in your company because reliable Technical Support Engineers can help take care of it! They are experts in configuring operating systems, resolving network issues, and even working on more complex IT issues. 

Outsourcing IT support services to the Philippines puts you a step closer to your goal of running your business more efficiently. The country has a respected record in providing the best tech support talent for companies. To date, there are over 800,000 employees in the BPO industry who are involved in the customer service and technical support field, and close to 100,000 employees are purely handling IT processes.

Who is qualified for the role? 

Taking on IT support tasks can be pretty demanding, with professionals completing a degree in Computer Science, IT or Software Engineering before they are finally able to work on big projects. Additionally, certain certifications are looked upon – such as but not limited to Microsoft and Cisco.

The technical support engineers normally progress from entry level to subject matter experts. From a junior position, they undergo upskills trainings and become well-versed in various products and technologies to facilitiate even business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions. Finally, they will be promoted to a more senior role, covering a wider range of products or technologies.

When it comes to reliable Technical Support Engineers, you can’t go wrong with the decision to outsource to the Philippines! 

 Scale up your business even further and focus on other things that matter! We can come in and help you put together a high-functional team capable of performing robust and reliable IT solutions for the company. 

We have a pool of IT professionals with years of experience in voice and data solutions, and we can leverage on that to give you the best network and hardware innovation. 

Some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing to the Philippines include:

  • Reduced operation costs by up to 70%. You can recruit as many technical support engineers as you want and just set up a streamlined process so updates and other important details for elevation are delivered fast and accurately to your onshore team.
  • Option to hire on a part-time, full-time, or freelance basis
  • Access to a highly qualified IT support team who are also skilled in both hardware and software issues 
  • Savings on training, security, and other overheads because we’ll take care of that for you

Get a quote today!

You might be asking, “So how does this work?” The good thing is that you can easily send us a message to let us know your requirement, then we can pool together a team who can work on your IT-related problems and issues. 

  • We are one of the rising providers trusted by companies who are looking to outsource to the Philippines. Here are some FAQs that you need to know about: 
  • It takes roughly 2 months to hire technical support engineers or an IT support team in the Philippines.
  • Technical support engineers can work under minimal supervision, with their experience level ranging from junior to senior.
  • Compared to teams from different departments, the IT team may have average communication skills as they normally facilitate troubleshooting steps, and complete hardware and software solutions on a daily basis. Soft skills are preferred but not required for this role. 

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