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Outsourcing Transcription Service to Philippines Can Help You Grow Your Business

Creating minutes for a meeting is challenging enough as it is. Imagine if you are in a major conference, company meeting, or a deposition, and have to take note of all the discussions in real time. Do you think you you’ll be able to type as fast as your mind can process all that you hear? Unless you are an experienced stenographer, chances are, no.

This is why there are audio and visual recording devices that you can use so you won’t have to miss out on all the important information. However, it is good to note that recording is one thing; Putting everything into text so that it’s more digestable and easier to review is another.

Transcription specialists exist for that very matter. They save you the job of listening to the recording device for hours, and just come back to you with a formatted copy of the transcription. That way, everything’s organized, and you’d have time to spend on other core tasks.

Philippines has certainly become a “one-stop-shop” for outsourcing work, and is also one of the thriving hubs for transcription specialists. If you are looking to improve your sales and online presence, then you need to consider outsourcing transcription specialists here!

What kinds of transcription service are available?

Let’s start from the very basic. The first one is called…

This word-for-word transcription of a recording or a live event is best handled by specialists who are accurate with their task. This is because every word, noise, or even laughter should be time-coded. The goal is to have a formatted copy that is very thorough. Many consider this the second, if not the most difficult and time-consuming transcription.

This transcription is used for:

  • Movies
  • Commercials

If you need someone to give you a transcription that is not word-per-word, then this might be the option you are looking for. Transcription specialists are only tasked to removed the clutter such as background noise, and focus on the most important parts of the recording. They have more freedom given that they can omit specific parts.

This transcription is used for:

  • Classes
  • Speeches
  • Seminars

There are some recordings that need require more than just listening skills. Intelligent transcription is when transcribers should be knowledgeable about a certain topic in order for them to accurately jot down the recording down to the very last word. They don’t need to capture every single word in the audio or video file, but they are expected to provide a document that still “makes sense.”

Basically, they need to be familiar with the jargon surrounding the topic to result in an intelligent transcription.

This transcription is used for:

  • Legal proceedings
  • Medical

It takes highly trained transcription specialists for you to end up with good materials. In fact, a lot of companies are outsourcing this service because it takes up too much of their time.

Qualities of a Good Transcription Specialist

Good listening skills 

This job requires an individual who has good communication skills, particularly, listening! He or she is expected to listen for hours or even for a whole day just to finish one transcription. Accurate information regarding the previous engagement/meeting is then expected.

Typing skills

A transcription specialist will spend majority of the time typing all the details so he or she can provide formatted copy to the client once done. According to estimates, the average typing speed for a professional typist transcribing audio is between 50-80 words per minute (wpm). 

High attention to detail

Imagine getting all the facts wrong because you misheard what someone said during the meeting. Well, with a good transcription specialist, you won’t have to worry about that! He or she maintaines a high attention to detail, ensuring that you don’t miss out on anything.

This is especially important if you are having them work on sensitive files that need to be as accurate as possible.

Document formatting

After the transcription specialist is done transcribing all information, the work doesn’t end there. He or she is tasked to complete word processing and document formatting, because that is what the client expects from them. 

Expertise in a certain topic (for specific industries)

This one is applicable to fields with a lot of jargon. Why? Let’s put it this way. You want to hire a transcription specalist who knows law if you want him to help you out in a court hearing. 

A good transcription specialist know his or her expertise, and uses that to effectively and efficiently provide the best output for the client. 

You are a few clicks away from the best transcription specialists!

Outsourcing to the Philippines for transcription will help you scale up your business. This is because you can direct your time and attention to more urgent matters, and be freed up from clerical tasks. No more spending long hours trying to understand the word buried in the meeting’s noise, or getting lost in a medical book for trying to learn the jargon. You can leave the transcription service to us! 

We know that this task requires time and energy, and we want you not to get side-tracked and just focus on the business!

We can provide reliable, smart, and highly-functional candidates that can help you in your transcribing needs. 

Some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing to the Philippines include:

  • Reduced operation costs by up to 70%. You can recruit as many copywriters as you want, depending on your requirement. We can ensure a streamlined process so updates are delivered fast and accurately to your onshore team.
  • Transcription specialists who have keen attention to details
  • Trained specialists who can work on their own 
  • Option to hire specialists on a part-time, full-time, or freelance basis.

You don’t have to worry about training, security, and other overheads because we’ll take care of that for you! All that’s left for you to do is talk to us. 

What do you think? Are you ready to take your company to the next level? Leave us a message! 

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