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Top 40 Countries for Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing, or BPO, is not just a revolutionary trend, but it has become vital in today’s global economy. BPO is the process of contracting a third-party service provider to manage specific business functions on behalf of a company. This process has become a crucial component for companies who need to focus on core operations while reducing costs or expanding into new markets.

The availability of relatively cheap and skilled labor, coupled with the increasing ubiquity of high-speed internet, has made it possible for companies to outsource their operational processes to various companies across the world.

Check out the Top 40 Countries for Business Process Outsourcing:


India is one of the most popular destinations for BPO services. It boasts the second-largest population in the world, with over 1.3 billion people. The country has a vast pool of skilled professionals, fluent in English, and with relatively low labor costs compared to Western countries. Some of the top BPO services offered by India include customer service, technical support, finance and accounting, and human resources.


The Philippines is the second-largest BPO market in the world, following India. It has rapidly emerged as one of the preferred BPO destinations, thanks to its well-educated population, infrastructure, and professionalism. The country has over 1.2 million employees working in the BPO industry and is well known for outsourced services like customer service, IT support, and back-office operations.


Poland has a solid reputation in the BPO industry because of its skilled and bilingual workforce, excellent infrastructure, and low costs. Polish BPO staff master services like IT support, data processing, and customer service. Not to mention, they also excel in the finance and accounting fields.


Malaysia has been in the BPO industry since the 1990s, and over the years, it has become a hub for technical support, customer service, and financial services. Malaysians are known as good English speakers too, and they rank third on the English Proficiency Index for Asian Countries in 2021. The country is strategically located close to many popular Asian markets, making it an excellent location for businesses looking for an Asian presence.


This one is gaining popularity as one of the top outsourcing destinations in Latin America due to its apparent digital transformation. Mexico is a popular destination for BPO services, given its proximity to the United States, a large pool of skilled workers, and relatively low labor costs. Mexico excels in services such as technical support, customer service, and back-office operations.


Brazil is an emerging destination in the BPO market. The country has a vast pool of skilled graduates, low labor costs and is famous for providing customer service, back-office services, and IT support.


Another Asian country on the list, Vietnam has attracted many multinational corporations (MNCs) due to its high literacy rate and growing economy. Its competitive pricing in the BPO sector has grown in popularity, as well as its strengths in IT support and data entry services.


Thailand’s relatively stable economy, coupled with its proximity to India and China, makes it an increasingly attractive destination for companies seeking to outsource their core functions. Some of the top BPO services offered in the country include finance, accounting, and legal services.


This may not come as a surprise to you but last 2019, manufacturing accounted for approximately 30% of China’s total economic output. With the low labor costs, they continue to be a key manufacturer for many businesses, despite the pandemic and supply chain delays. This is not to say that outsourcing to China is limited to manufacturing services because China has a large pool of university graduates, making it an attractive location for companies seeking affordable, high-quality BPO services too! Ultimately, the country is well known for its capability in supply chain management, call center operations, and logistics.

South Africa

South Africa has a vibrant BPO market, with over 300,000 workers employed in the industry. The country excels at offering services ranging from customer service, to technical support, and debt collection.


Located in North Africa and geographically close to Europe and the Middle East, Egypt is an attractive destination for businesses seeking a presence in these regions. The country is home to over 300,000 BPO workers, offering services such as software development, customer service, and IT support.


Bangladesh is home to over 600,000 workers who excel in areas related to customer service and software development. It’s a popular destination for businesses looking for relatively low labor costs and high-quality services.


Romania has long been home to a growing offshore BPO industry. The country offers a range of services such as software development, call center operations, and translations.


Uruguay is an up-and-coming BPO destination with a growing hub of call center operations providing customer service in countries like Brazil and Argentina. Western companies are also starting to see Uruguay’s potential with its roster of top talent, growing infrastructure, low cost of hiring, and time zone closeness to the US.


Ukraine excels in areas such as IT, software development, technical support, and financial services. In fact, internal companies such as Apple, Snapchat, and Uber have workforces here; with Microsoft and Amazon working with the developers from Ukraine. Ukraine’s convenient location in Eastern Europe, combined with its trained workforce, makes it a top choice for businesses in Europe looking to outsource their core functions.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka continues to develop as it offers services such as finance, accounting, and customer service.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic provides BPO services like call center operations, translations, software development, and HR services. It offers a stable political and economic environment that continually attracts many businesses.


Argentina is becoming a top destination for BPO providers, providing localized Spanish language customer services for the Latin American market. The country offers high-quality services that include back office operations and financial and human resources services.


There is also Colombia which has been rapidly advancing its BPO provision, offering an extensive range of services. It offers high-quality services like customer services, software development, and finance and accounting.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an increasingly attractive destination for big companies seeking BPO services, providing a broad spectrum of services covering areas like digital marketing, back-office service provision, and call center support.


Guatemala is home to a predominantly young and well-educated workforce, with a government heavily invested in promoting the country’s BPO industry. Top services offered include technical support and customer service.


Palestine is a hub for contact center operations and continues to grow in the BPO sector, offering unique multilingual services.


Hungary is home to a growing BPO industry, which offers services like HR, finance and accounting. Hungarian professionals offer high-quality, bilingual services at a highly competitive price. As for Hungarian developers, they are known to be talented and experienced individuals.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has emerged as a preferred BPO destination, with a growing pool of technical and call center professionals. The country excels in offering services such as customer service and financial and human resource functions.


Bulgaria has been conducting BPO services for decades and has a highly competent, skilled, and multilingual workforce. It offers specialized services ranging from technical support, software development, finance, accounting, and customer service.


Nicaragua’s BPO ecosystem is growing at a remarkable pace, offering contact center, retail, and financial services at low rates. The country has an English and Spanish-speaking workforce that excels in customer service.


Panama is an up-and-coming BPO destination, offering a broad range of services like data entry, IT support, and accounting services.

El Salvador

El Salvador is home to a highly educated and bilingual workforce that excels in customer service, data entry, and retail services.


Morocco is well-positioned to serve European markets and offers a large pool of French, Spanish, and Arabic speakers. The country excels in offering engineering support, accounting, and technical support.


Nepal’s BPO industry has grown rapidly in recent years, with a highly educated workforce proficient in English. The country has significant cost advantages, particularly in the financial and human resources sectors.


Jamaica has a thriving BPO industry, with thousands of BPO workers offering services ranging from customer service to data entry and technical support. The country’s people are known for their warm nature, which makes them excellent options for customer-facing work.


Tunisia has a large pool of French and Arabic speakers, offering a broad range of BPO services like customer service and technical support.


Kenya’s BPO industry is growing due to the country’s abundant English-speaking workforce and its stable economy. The country offers affordable services in areas such as back-office functions and technical support.


Latvia offers a highly skilled and multi-lingual workforce specializing in finance, HR, digital marketing, and customer support.


Estonia has rapidly developed into a destination for BPO providers, offering high-quality bilingual services in areas such as software development.


Ecuador has a growing BPO industry and is well-known for offering customer service and technical support services.


Lithuania has a well-established BPO industry. Companies benefit from the country’s favorable investment climate with a competitive cost structure for services like technical support, digital marketing, and customer service.


Moldova offers a more niche range of services, but it offers a great price point and opportunities for companies that want multilingual customer services.


Belarus is home to highly skilled talent and is gaining importance in the BPO market in areas such as software development, financial and customer service functions.

Major companies are seeking to outsource their operations to reliable partners that offer cheap and competent labor, an educated workforce, and specialized skills from customer service to software development and financial functions.

With these resources, companies can focus on their core competencies, and boost efficiency and output while reducing costs. If you are looking to outsource your operations in the Philippines, send us a message here at KamelBPO! We are a Canadian-owned & managed offshoring services provider trusted by big companies from different industries. Depending on your need, we can give you a tailor-fit solution to make sure your business remains competitive and successful.

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