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What Makes a Good Outsourced Sales Team? Here’s What You Should Know!

Gone are the days when businesses just try to learn and do everything in-house. The fast-paced world we’re living in pushes for the adoption of outsourced staff who can efficiently help with a business’ overall direction. Whether the reason is to reduce cost, improve scalability, gain a competitive advantage by getting specialized expertise or increase sales, outsourcing can definitely help.

It’s no different in the field of sales. Businesses would be able to focus more on their core competencies and leverage the expertise of a reliable team.

If you’re wondering what makes a good outsourced sales team, here’s what you should know!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

In this case, once you get yourself a good outsourced team, you’d be reaping the benefits for your business too! Let’s first define what it is!

A good outsourced sales team happens when all the members have a deep understanding of the business’ product or service. They know how and when to use clear and compelling communication, and they do so in a way that focuses on the customer’s needs and pain points. This leads to them successfully appealing to the customers’ emotions or even sense of urgency, and encouraging them to purchase from the company.

The work of the sales team doesn’t stop here. Depending on the company’s set-up, they may also be on top of some after-sales tasks to ensure customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

Best Practices of a Good Outsourced Sales Team 

1. They maintain smooth communication and regularly collaborate with the client company.

Normally, there will be extra communication challenges for an outsourced sales team because they do not work in-house. However, a good team would have established clear communication and collaboration with the client company. They don’t have to be there just to understand the company’s direction, nor do they need to talk to them 24/7 to collaborate on specific tasks and work it up until execution. 

Even when working thousands of miles away, they know how to do their job properly and coordinate with the company’s key people when needed to ensure that business objectives are met. 

2. They successfully completed all necessary training related to the product or service.

A good outsourced sales team is properly trained and has a deep understanding of the client company’s product or service. Aside from the know-how, they are also already briefed about the sales script.

They make sure that they are covering the essential elements of the sales script particularly:

  • Introduction. This is used to create a sense of rapport and establish trust.
  • Qualification. After establishing rapport, it’s time to get to the customer’s needs and pain points and see if they have the budget and authority to make a purchase.
  • Pitch. Sell the product by clearly explaining how it will benefit the customer. This is the most critical part. 
  • Objections. Since most customers would usually wave off any sales agent, a good sales team should know how to properly respond to these objections. Objections can be about different things such as price. 
  • Closing. Be confident about the approach, and proceed with the closing. This is where one summarizes the benefits of the product and asks for the sale directly. Some would usually offer promos or additional discounts to entice the customer to purchase right away. They should also use a sense of urgency to create a feeling of scarcity or time pressure.
  • Follow-up. Lastly, a follow-up is needed to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the purchase, and is given a space to share his or her feedback. This would be crucial in improving the overall sales process. 

3. They practice empathy and patience in all engagements. 

A good sales team shouldn’t just be knowledgeable. They should also be professional with their undertakings, and have empathy and patience. Whether it’s engaging with the customer during the sales pitch, or gathering after-sales feedback, they need to display proper conduct. Empathy and patience are also expected when they are focusing on the customer’s pain points and needs and presenting the benefits of the product or service clearly and compellingly.

4. They collect and analyze sales data for continuous improvement.

This is crucial because by looking at the insights of their performance, they can identify areas of improvement, and optimize their sales process. If they do this regularly, they can understand the best and most effective sales technique and focus on the most profitable customer segments too. 

A good sales team would coordinate with the Data team for this, as the latter could provide more insights and explanations for the performance. This will complement the sales team’s strategy and tactics to overall achieve the business goal. 

5. They use actionable data to improve overall performance. 

It would be a shame to gather all that data without getting something amazing out of it. This is why a good sales team knows better than to ignore it. They use the actionable data to improve their processes – may it be revising their sales scripts to be more persuasive, using more enticing promos and discounts for a particular customer segment, or using a more powerful closing technique. 

At the end of the day, it all boils down to doing things better than you did the first time, thanks to data insights!

KamelBPO can help you meet your business objectives with a powerful sales team!

If you’ve been deciding whether or not to outsource your sales team, it’s better if you can get some recommendations and talk to us at KamelBPO!

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Does this sound like a plan? 

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