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Content Moderation

Quality Dedicated Remote Content Moderation Staffing

Content moderation involves monitoring the user-generated content on your website and social media channels and assessing them against a set of predefined rules to determine if they are permissible or not. It is necessary for posts that contain inappropriate content, for example, spam or those that violate copyright laws, to be removed. This ensures that your business maintains its online reputation and that your website and social media remains clean and attractive for all visitors.

Hire Dedicated Offshore Content Moderators and save up to 75% compared to hiring locally

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Content moderation needs to be an ongoing 24/7 activity, especially for international businesses, however, overtime costs for internal staff can be excessive. By outsourcing your content moderation services to Kamel, your business can benefit from round the clock moderation at a fraction of the cost.

Outsource Content Moderation Services To Full Time Philippine Staff

With Kamel you can hire dedicated offshore content moderators who have excellent literacy and writing skills and are able to efficiently screen your user submissions to ensure that only lawful and proper content remains on your website and social media.

Ensure that the online community surrounding your brand is a respectful and enjoyable experience for everyone by employing a content moderator from Kamel today.

To learn more about hiring a content moderator in the Philippines, simply contact us now.

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