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Healthcare Claims Processing

Quality Dedicated Remote Healthcare Claims Processing Staffing

Offshore healthcare claims processors are essential for ensuring the smooth and efficient submission of patient insurance claims, ultimately leading to a steady cash flow for your healthcare practice or clinic. Their expertise and experience are valuable assets in the effective operation of your healthcare facility, allowing you to prioritize patient care and financial stability.

Whether you are in the process of establishing your first practice, expanding an existing clinic, or venturing into new locations, your core focus remains on providing quality patient care while maintaining financial viability. This is precisely where remote-based healthcare claims processors come into play, handling the complexities of patient insurance claims, while you concentrate on the clinical aspects of your practice.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Offshore Healthcare Claims Processors

Healthcare professionals seek reimbursement from patients’ insurance providers when delivering services. The success of reimbursement hinges on accurate and complete claim submissions. Offshore healthcare claims processors specialize in the meticulous coding of claim forms and facilitate payments by engaging with patients and insurance providers.
They ensure the accuracy of patient information before submitting claims, including critical details such as the patient’s age, health status, and medical history, which can significantly impact claim approval or denial. Claims processors may access patient records to verify the completion of procedures or treatments. They also have the responsibility to communicate with patients, physicians, surgeons, or other healthcare providers to seek clarifications on specific claims. Furthermore, they closely monitor all submitted claims to ensure timely payments from insurers and diligently follow up on refusals, delays, or denials.

Healthcare claims processors are adept at discussing payment options with patients, including the establishment of payment plans or the initiation of collection procedures if required. They may also request confirmation of procedures, treatments, or surgeries that fall outside the scope of coverage provided by the patient’s insurance provider.

Skills and Qualifications for Outsourced Healthcare Claims Processors

While formal qualifications are not obligatory for outsourced healthcare claims processors, many possess prior experience in the healthcare industry and have completed training in medical billing to gain proficiency in the requisite terminology and coding. All of them bring a wealth of experience as healthcare claims processors, acquired over several years.
Key skills required by remote-based healthcare claims processors include:

  • Exemplary attention to detail.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Proficiency in coding healthcare insurance claims.
  • Excellent IT skills and familiarity with relevant software.
  • Effective time management, organizational, analytical, and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Knowledge of HIPAA compliance regulations.

Outsourcing to the Philippines

As the premier provider of offshore healthcare claims processors in the Philippines, Kamel assumes responsibility for the entire recruitment process on behalf of your organization. We present you with a carefully curated shortlist of candidates tailored to your specific requirements and can manage the onboarding process as well.
Your dedicated remote-based healthcare claims processors work full-time from our state-of-the-art facility in Manila. Kamel equips them with all the necessary infrastructure and resources to excel in their roles within your organization. This comprehensive support encompasses HR services, payroll management, health insurance coverage, sick leave, and annual leave provisions. It also includes access to computers, software, high-speed internet, and IT assistance.

Communication with your remote team members is seamless and efficient, facilitated through phone, chat, Skype, Zoom, or email.

For additional information on hiring Offshore Healthcare Claims Processors in the Philippines for your business, do not hesitate to contact Kamel today.

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