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A Look at the Top 15 Software Outsourcing Companies This 2024

The Philippines has established itself as a leading destination for outsourcing. No matter the service, you can pretty much find everything you need thanks to its highly skilled workforce. Outsourcing to the Philippines also introduces you to cost-effective services.

As the global demand for software development continues to rise, many companies turn to the Philippines for their needs.

Get a detailed look at the top companies today to help you decide whether enlisting their help is a good strategy for your business!

Here are the Top 15 Software Outsourcing Companies This 2024

1. Accenture Philippines

To no one’s surprise — Accenture Philippines, a subsidiary of the global professional services giant Accenture, is one of the top software outsourcing companies! This organization is renowned for its comprehensive suite of software development and IT services. They give strong focus on innovation, and you’d be assured of their cutting-edge solutions in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. Accenture also has a robust infrastructure and extensive experience which makes them a top choice for businesses looking to outsource complex software projects.

2. Pointwest Technologies

Companies in need of Digital IT services find Pointwest Technologies a reliable choice! This is a leading IT and software development company that has been delivering high-quality solutions since 2003. They specialize in digital transformation, providing services in app development, data analytics, and IT consulting.

3. Exist Software Labs

If you are looking for a software outsourcing company, then it helps to partner with a company with over two decades of experience providing enterprise solutions! Exist Software definitely Labs stands out for its expertise in developing scalable, enterprise-grade software solutions. They have services ranging from custom software development and system integration. There is also even IT consulting!

4. Magellan Solutions

Magellan Solutions is another leading BPO company that offers robust software development services. They specialize in custom software development, mobile app development, and IT support. Magellan Solutions’ diverse service offerings and commitment to quality have earned them a strong reputation in the outsourcing industry.

5. Cambria

If you believe that outstanding programmers do not need middle managers or elaborate QC controls, then you’re aligned with Cambria! Choose from their wide range of services from software outsourcing and CRM software systems, to e-commerce development!

6. Orange and Bronze Software Labs

There’s no better company to trust than the one considered the leading independent management consultancy in ASEAN! Orange and Bronze Software Labs is a premier software development company with a strong focus on Java and open-source technologies. They offer services in software engineering, agile coaching, and DevOps. Not to mention, they have deep technical expertise and commitment to quality, earning them a loyal client base across various industries.

7. Arcanys

Arcanys is the Philippines’ #1 software development talent provider to companies worldwide. The organization is a Swiss-Filipino IT outsourcing company known for helping both startups and established companies alike. They offer services from product design and development. There’s also delivery and support! With their level of service and commitment, they have won the trust of global companies such as Novartis and General Electric among others. Not to mention, Arcanys is recognized for its rigorous hiring process and emphasis on continuous learning, ensuring top-notch talent for its clients.


When it comes to premium software development services, AELOGICA is worth noting! You can boost the capacity and augment the capabilities of your internal resources with Team Augmentation! You can also count on them for app development, or when your codebase becomes a mess. AELOGICA has a pool of experts who can turn around difficult situations and work on your software development!

9. iManila

If you are looking to create a high-functional website for your organization to drive awareness, lead generation, or even sales, then iManila might be a solution! They provide Information Technology (IT), web, and digital solutions to companies.

Fun fact: They pioneered one of the first Internet services companies in the Philippines!

10. Kodella

Kodella is a leading software outsourcing company specializing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. They offer comprehensive services in ERP implementation. Kodella’s expertise in ERP systems like Oracle and SAP has helped numerous businesses optimize their operations and improve efficiency.

11. Novare Technologies

Novare Technologies offers a wide range of IT and software development services, including custom software development, IT consulting, and digital transformation. Their client-centric approach and emphasis on innovation have made them a trusted partner for businesses looking to leverage technology for growth.

12. American Technologies, Inc. (ATI)

ATI is a well-established IT and software outsourcing company with over three decades of experience. They provide a broad spectrum of services, including software development, IT infrastructure management, and cybersecurity solutions. ATI’s longevity in the industry is a testament to their reliability and expertise.

13. KMC Solutions

KMC Solutions is a versatile outsourcing provider that offers software development. On top of that, they can also be relied on for IT support, and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Need help with business analytics software, automation programs, and the like? They can help!

KMC Solutions has flexible engagement models that focus on client satisfaction. This easily makes them a popular choice for businesses of all sizes! KMC Solutions’ comprehensive services ensure that clients receive end-to-end support for their outsourcing needs.

14. Cloud Employee

Cloud Employee is a UK-managed IT outsourcing company with operations in the Philippines. They specialize in providing dedicated software developers to tech companies worldwide. By that, we mean they power over 500 companies globally!

Cloud Employee’s unique model of combining Western management with Filipino talent ensures high-quality and culturally aligned services for their clients.

15. KamelBPO

As a rising outsourcing provider in the Philippines, KamelBPO allows you to choose from an extensive range of software development roles! The team can seamlessly recruit for you in the Philippines – with a pool of experts in software development, web development, and more!

Without a doubt, the Philippines continues to be a prime destination for software development outsourcing.

Here, you will find a blend of skilled talent, cost-effectiveness, and strong cultural alignment with Western businesses! Whether you’re a startup looking for dedicated development teams or an established company seeking to enhance your IT capabilities, these companies provide a wide range of services to meet your needs.

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