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Outsource Quantity Surveyors For The Best Construction Project

When it comes to construction projects, companies must have a quantity surveyor not just to make sure that everything fits within the budget, but also that the project is running efficiently, and as it should. There are huge implications when there’s no one around to back the project head and his or her financial interests. Just imagine starting something without taking into account how to optimize time and cost. Now that is a recipe for disaster!

Simply put, quantity surveyors handle estimation, planning, and control of the costs. You can’t just afford to start a project without one! Given that they are working on projects that are naturally huge in scale, they are also keen on completing feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, resource allocation, value engineering, and more. This is beneficial for them to provide concrete decisions and action points. At the end of the day, their job gives developers the confidence to plan future developments with cost certainty.

If you are a construction or engineering company looking to reduce costs without compromising the quality and expertise required of a quantity surveyor, then you’re in the right place!

Our team provides outsourcing solutions and can provide you with the quantity surveyor fitting your needs. We offer a simple solution that won’t burn a hole in your pockets. If anything, this will only make things more efficient.

What is a Quantity Surveyor (QS)? 

As simple as the Quantity Surveyor’s job of calculating the cost of the materials and work needed for future building work sounds, it’s actually not that simple! One should not forget that this is a highly specialized skill and only the most qualified and experienced QS in cost planning should be engaged to provide such a service. After all, they play a vital role in construction projects, and the lack of one can have a huge implication for a company.

A Quantity Surveyor is normally on top of the following tasks: 

  • Providing a plan that details the efficient use of resources including manpower, money, and materials, as well as project cost advice that is not promoted by any design preferences 
  • Setting realistic and workable project budgets at the concept stage
  • Conducting cost-benefit analysis and eliminating cost risk 
  • Providing ongoing cost management (construction projects usually require the continual review process of a Quantity Surveyor and are not a ‘drop in, drop out’ thing) 
  • Advising on procurement strategies 
  • Providing advice on contractual claims and disputes
  • Checking implications of health and safety regulations
  • Providing post-occupancy advice, as well as facilities management services and life cycle costing advice

What if I don’t get a Quantity Surveyor? 

Most businesses already understand the importance of a Quantity Surveyor. Since they eliminate the cost risk, then their confidence in profit levels will be maintained. This, in turn, affects the industry’s growth because they would only proceed with the project once they get that certainty of the cost outcome. 

Back when the industry hasn’t fully understood the implications of not having a Quantity Surveyor, some of the project problems/ experiences include: 

  • Bid proposals turned out to be above the expectations of the owner, causing the project/s to be put on hold 
  • Cost overruns 
  • Quality defects when the projects are completed 
  • Project abandonment and collapse 

You will also get sound advice during the project design phase of your project!

Quantity Surveyors are all about looking at the building as numbers and correlating them to ensure the end result is a successful completion for the project head. They normally dissect vital information for the management to review, as well as inputs for designers, financial, analysts, and other investors. 

What are the qualifications of a good Quantity Surveyor? 

This highly technical skill requires one to have a degree in quantity surveying, civil engineering, economics, urban and land studies, construction, or project management. 

In addition, some of the staple skills include:

  • Numerical and data analysis skills
  • Problem-solving skills (creative or innovative approach)
  • Ability to prepare comprehensive reports and present them in a simple way to a diverse team 
  • IT skills and the ability to learn sophisticated design and costing IT packages
  • Attention to detail 
  • Resilience 
  • Project management skills and ability to work well with a team  
  • Knowledge of the building and construction technology, processes, materials, business, and legal matters.
  • Ability to provide accurate and comprehensive cost and material estimates

These days, many quantity surveying tasks can also be completed digitally, as long as the Quantity Surveyor is well-briefed about it. If your business is offshore-ready, then we’d love to help you out by outsourcing quantity surveyors to the Philippines! 

It is a simple solution to make sure your construction projects do not lack the valued guidance of a QS, while also being cost-effective. 

We can provide you with the best Quantity Surveyors to make sure you eliminate the risk for your projects! 

Outsourcing to the Philippines for Quantity Surveyors will give you the confidence to plan future developments with cost certainty. We aim to help you scale your business, and you are only one click away from getting the support you need. 

We can provide reliable, smart, skilled, and professional Quantity Surveyors that will get the job done! 

Here are some of the benefits you can get from outsourcing to the Philippines: 

  • Reduced operation costs by up to 70%. By outsourcing to the Philippines for your company’s quantity surveying needs, you can save big without compromising on quality! 
  •  A Quantity Surveyor is vital to any construction project. They offer expert and sound advice as well as cost implications at the onset, ensuring you have what you have is a successful project.
  • Trained and highly qualified Quantity Surveyors who are experts in tender evaluation, contract procurement, cost planning and estimation, cost-benefit analysis, as well as dispute resolution 

Bigger savings, better service? We know you want to hop aboard this train! Let us help you get a highly skilled Quantity Surveyor to make sure your construction project is not at risk. 

All it takes is a simple email or message to get started. 

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