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Quality Dedicated Remote Graphic Design Staffing

Unlocking Visual Creativity with Filipino Graphic Designers

Graphic designers in the Philippines are masters at creating visual concepts that inspire, inform, and captivate. Exceptional graphics are key to grabbing customer attention – be it through logo, website, or digital marketing collateral design. A consistent and compelling visual identity is crucial in embedding your company’s brand in the consumer’s mind. Achieving this starts with finding a Filipino graphic designer who can grasp your vision and bring it to life, especially through graphic design outsourcing.
Alongside hiring the top 5% of offshore Philippine Graphic Designers, Kamel has expertise in recruiting animators and motion graphic designers skilled in programs like After Effects and Photoshop. Animators in the Philippines focus on illustrations, such as characters and storyboards, while motion graphic designers work on the overall setting.

Whether your need is for a home-based remote graphic designer or a team of office-based offshore graphic designers in the Philippines, Kamel is your ideal partner.

Engage Dedicated Offshore Graphic Designers and Save Up to 75% Compared to Local Hiring

Reach out to learn about our transparent fixed monthly rates with no long-term contracts.

Graphic Design Outsourcing

Outsourcing graphic design to the Philippines allows your in-house or agency graphic designers to focus on creative direction for bigger projects, liberating them from routine tasks. By partnering with Kamel, you can save significantly, up to 75% compared to local hiring, enabling you to expand your graphic design team and undertake projects that were previously out of reach.

Why Choose Skilled Graphic Designers from the Philippines?

The Philippines is renowned for its vast pool of talented designers, offering high-quality work at competitive rates. These designers possess a strong grasp of design principles, current trends, and expertise in design software, making them an economical choice for businesses seeking top-notch graphic design services.

Coordinating With Your Offshore Graphic Design Team

Effective communication with remote graphic designers involves a mix of written and visual methods. Utilizing project management tools, email, and messaging for clear instruction, and video calls and screen sharing for visual discussions, ensures smooth collaboration.
Kamel facilitates the management of offshore talent by aiding in recruitment and selection, matching skilled professionals to specific roles. We handle administrative, payroll, and HR tasks, allowing you to concentrate on core business functions.

Kamel also provides workspace setup, IT infrastructure, and ongoing support, ensuring a seamless work environment for your offshore teams. Our expertise in managing offshore talent streamlines operations, reduces costs, and enhances productivity.

Assemble Your Offshore Graphic Design Team in the Philippines with Kamel

Kamel’s vast experience in hiring encompasses various graphic design skills and roles such as:

  • Marketing & Advertising Graphic Designers
  • Visual Identity Graphic Designers
  • User Interface Graphic Designers
  • Publication Graphic Designers
  • Packaging Graphic Designers
  • Motion Graphic Designers
  • Environmental Graphic Designers
  • Art and Illustration Graphic Designers
  • Web Designers
  • Infographic Designers
  • Typography Designers
  • Print Designers
  • Logo Designers
  • T-shirt & Merchandise Designers
  • Layout Artists
  • 3D Graphic Designers
  • Vehicle Wrap Designers
  • Lettering & Calligraphy Artists
  • Game Graphic Designers
  • Multimedia Designers
  • Mobile App Designers
  • Book Cover Designers
  • Signage Designers
  • Exhibition & Display Designers

We also specialize in hiring Filipino Animators, Multimedia Artists, Photo Editors, Flash Designers, Motion Graphic Designers, Product Designers, Brand Identity Designers, Multimedia Specialists, and more, covering all remote design needs.
Trust us for your offshore staffing needs in the Philippines for remote graphic design staff who can deliver high-quality, committed work. If you’re on a budget but still seek high-end results, outsource your graphic design needs to the Philippines with Kamel, where we will hire dedicated offshore creative staff to transform your ideas into compelling visual narratives.

To discover more about hiring a graphic designer in the Philippines, contact us today.

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