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List of Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

No man is an island, just like no business can run smoothly with only one person managing it. If you are trying to stay ahead of the competition, then you probably want to get a lot of things done. It helps to have a high-powered team who is capable of completing projects and has the vision to move toward the company’s overall goal. This includes a trustworthy assistant to carry out other time-consuming tasks related to the business. Remember, you don’t need to go through everything alone.

Leave the administrative tasks to someone else, so you can just focus on things that will let you achieve greater success. Virtual assistants can provide you with the best business service irrespective of their location. They can utilize technological advancements, and make sure everything is running smoothly! We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet – you can just pay for their hours of work when you need it! This allows you to streamline your operations while staying cost-effective.

But you might be wondering, what are the tasks commonly outsourced to a virtual assistant or VA? That’s where we come in! Take a look at our list below:

Data Entry

This one is a laborious task, but no business can survive without it. There’s a lot of information that needs to be encoded in the system such as a database or personal records, minutes, files, decks, and many more. Well, a virtual assistant can be on top of this and save you the time of sifting through spreadsheets!

Email Management

Did you know that the typical worker spends 11 hours on average checking and responding to emails during a workweek? Well, that’s quite a lot of time for someone managing the business. You better put those hours to good use and just reserve them for the more strategic tasks. Start by delegating email management to a virtual assistant and giving them a rundown of how they should manage your inbox. The rule is to make sure that the inbox won’t get clogged, and that all emails (especially those that need immediate attention) are responded to.

It would help to have the virtual assistant follow a specific template when answering clients, sending out proposals to prospects, handling finance-related emails, or working on a tie-up. You may also create a rule on how and when you should whitelist, blacklist, or forward specific emails!

Answering Calls

Virtual assistants know that it is important for businesses to keep phone lines active all the time to ensure they are not missing out on any opportunities. One call could change a business in so many ways. You can have someone respond to any incoming call, or note down all important messages so you can just get an update about it at your most convenient time.

Depending on your work arrangement, the virtual assistant could also operate even during hours when you’re sleeping.

Payroll Management

Keeping track of an organization’s payroll process is more tedious than it seems. You need to have a good virtual assistant to handle this labor-intensive process and make sure all employee salaries, bonuses, and taxes are accounted for. On top of that, they need to ensure that they are complying with various legislations.

With the advancement of technology, a virtual assistant could utilize various cloud accounting programs for payroll management!

Market Research

Conducting competitive scans and market research is vital to make sure your company is ahead of the game. Have a virtual assistant work on it regularly so you know how to strategize, and improve your product or service!

You can just schedule check-ins for the research, or have a monthly meeting to discuss and validate the information. It’s best to have the marketing and operations teams join too so they would directly know how they can function better. The virtual assistant could explain it to the whole team in an easy way!

Social Media Management

What kind of business doesn’t utilize social media? If you have a virtual assistant at your disposal, you can use their brilliance to make sure you are engaged with your customers online! You can decide how they want to manage your platforms. Do you want them to respond to the customers through chat and comments? Perhaps, you want them to build a content calendar and schedule all posts for your business! That is possible too.

A virtual assistant can very well serve as a social media manager and set you up for online success. Remember, this part is not to be overlooked!

Content Writing

Did you think a virtual assistant’s work is limited only to email management? That’s where you’re wrong! One can also work on content writing, and craft articles related to your business. Ideally, they should have expertise on relevant topics, and be dedicated to the content writing process.

Depending on your requirement, your outsourced writing task could be about a technical or simple topic, but should be up to your satisfaction! Delegate the task to the right person, and you’ll have a meaningful message delivered to your audience!


It helps to have a virtual assistant work on your important presentation especially if you’re time-crunched after all that strategic planning and other operations-related tasks! You can ask them to give you a brief once it’s ready, and be on top of it during D-day! Now, isn’t that more efficient?

Calendar Management

Double booking is a possible scenario if you have a lot of things on your mind. Have your virtual assistant work on your calendar for you so you can just be updated on when and where you’re needed before you start your week. This will clear up a lot of your time!

There is no doubt that outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant is one of the most cost-efficient ways to go about your business. They can help give you a competitive edge without burning a hole in your pocket, and that’s every businessman’s dream!

What now?

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